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5 Reasons Air Purifiers Make Great Gifts

5 reasons air purifiers make great gifts

This holiday season, instead of wasting time and money on a present that will end up re-gifted or stored in some closet, give a gift that will make a real difference in someone’s life – an air purifier. At Oransi, all of our HEPA air purifiers are state of the art and offer the best quality filtration in the industry, ultimately providing healthy air for everyone. Whether young or old, giving the gift of fresh indoor air will do wonders for their drive and overall health.

To help you know what to buy this holiday season, we’ve provided the following five reasons an Oransi air purifier is both an immediate answer to your shopping woes and a great solution to your loved one’s long-term well-being.

5 Reasons Air Purifiers Make Great Gifts

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Whether we’re talking about an unnecessary kitchen appliance or clothing that’s been out of style for years, there’s always at least one gift we get during the holiday season that will never be used. An air purifier is not one of those gifts. In all actuality, an Oransi air purifier will be used all day, every day and is one of the more practical gifts you could give someone. Moreso, all of our air purifiers come with a ten year warranty, guaranteeing your gift that will last at least a decade.

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Not only are our air purifiers a practical gift, they’re a gift that allows the recipient to breathe better than ever. Depending on the unit, our air purifiers remove 98%-99.99% of all airborne particulates from any desired indoor area and continually offer the highest grade of indoor air quality.

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Options for Everyone

Throughout our wide array of residential and commercial air purifiers, all of our units offer relief for nearly any concern someone would have. Whether you’re trying to help someone relieve the odors in your home or ensure the air is fit for a newborn, our air purifiers can alleviate nearly any airborne concern and we offer options for each one.

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No Returns

While every gift is welcomed, any gift that has to be returned is somewhat of a hassle for the recipient. Yet, when you give a high-quality air purifier to someone you know who doesn’t have one, they’re guaranteed to appreciate the gift and won’t even consider taking it back, after only one day of use.

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Long-Term Savings

When comparing our air purifiers to competitors, the replacement filters on our units actually last 2-4 times longer than competitive models. That means giving one of our units as a gift is inevitably saving frequent air purifier users an average of $202 in filter costs for the first two years of use.  In addition, our air purifiers use less energy and that’s better for you and the environment.

Looking to give a gift that will be used frequently and help the health of the recipient, this holiday season? Browse our full selection of Residential Air Purifiers and Commercial Air Purifiers and find the right gift option for your favorite people.