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Aaron Pauley From The Band ‘Of Mice & Men’ Can’t Live Without His Oransi Max Air Purifier

As a company who prides ourselves on providing products that make a difference in people’s lives, we’re always happy when our customers reach out to let us know our air purifiers are helping them breathe better and feel their best.  We were especially pleased when, recently, Aaron Pauley – the singer and bass player of popular rock band Of Mice & Men – let his fans know he was breathing better than ever, thanks to hisOransi Max HEPA Air Purifier. How awesome is that? To see exactly why Aaron decided to go with the Max unit in the first place and learn just how much the air cleaner has helped the singer prepare for both big shows and seasonal allergies, we reached out to him and asked a few questions about the purchase.

What Oransi Max Air Purifier Do You Own and How Long Have You Had It?

After I moved to Southern California, my fiance and I began suffering from severe allergies. About a year ago, I purchased the Max HEPA Air Purifier, and it’s made a huge, noticeable difference in our allergies.

Why Did You Decide To Get An Air Purifier, Initially?

I started waking up with puffy eyes, a stuffy nose, and a sore throat some mornings. Some days, I got insane vertigo. The same was true for my lady. As a singer, I need to take care of my voice, which is very hard to do with allergies. One way is medications and sprays, but a lot of the medications can cause dryness which can further damage my voice. So, I opted for an air purifier. The more I researched, and looked for American made, high quality air purifiers. Oransi was the clear choice.

What Made You Choose The Max Air Purifier?

It had excellent reviews, it was perfectly rated for our sized space, and the automatic features made it the best choice for my fiance and I, as well as our little dog Daisy, a Boston terrier. We are a family of allergy sufferers, hah! It’s made a huge difference for all of us.

Aside From Playing Bass, You’re Also One Of The Singers In Your Band, ‘Of Mice & Men.’ How Does Your Max Air Purifier Help Prepare Your Vocals Before A Big Show?

Taking care of my voice also means taking care of my sinuses, and addressing my allergies, days, sometimes weeks before a show. The Oransi Max Air Purifier cleans the air in my home, and with the ion option, really freshens the air. I’m able to get clean air and not suffer from allergies, which is crucial. Step one is being healthy. Step two is lots of practicing and running scales. Hah!

Since Implementing, How Has Your Oransi Max Air Purifier Helped To Alleviate Seasonal Allergies, For You And The People In Your Home?

It’s made a world of difference. There’s not a day that goes by that we turn it off. It is literally always running in my home. With the automatic function, you’re able to see the quality of the air displayed in LEDs, and it self adjusts to get the air as clean as possible in as little time as possible. For my fiance and I, and our little pup Daisy, the Oransi has truly improved not only the quality of our air, but also the quality of our lives. Seasonal allergies can be debilitating. With clean air, we can breathe easier—simple as that!

Would You Recommend An Oransi Air Purifier To Others?

Oh, I already have! For people who suffer from allergies, it’ll change your life. As someone who uses it, and purchased it for mine and my family’s well-being, I can’t praise it enough. It really works!

To purchase an Oransi Max Air Purifier of your own, shop here. Also, make sure to support Of Mice & Men’s most recent album Restoring Force: Full Circle, which you can buy on iTunes.