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Air Purifiers For Pollen

Air Purifiers for Pollen Recommendations

Rated as #1 by the Clemson University’s Microbiology Lab, our (HEPA) air purifiers have been proven to remove up to 100% of pollen particles from your home. Depending upon your pollen allergy needs, we have a model for you.

Finn, our best seller for bedroom use (mild allergies)

v-hepa finn air purifier allergies

v-hepa Finn air purifier: $329 ($299 each for 2 or more)
Room Coverage: 400 sq ft (20’x20’)
Effective: removes 98% of mold, pollen, dust
Quiet at 40dB to 60 dB
Dimensions: 7” x 10” x 22”
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Max, for a bedroom to mid-sized room (mild to moderate allergies)

v-hepa max air purifier mold

Max air purifier $479 ($429 each for 2 or more)
Room Coverage: 600 sq ft (20’x 30’)
Effective: removes 99% of mold, pollen, dust
Activated carbon filter for light odors
Super Quiet at 34dB to 53 dB (comparable units are 2-4 times louder)
Dimensions: 17” x 22” x 8”
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* versus closest competitor.

About Pollen - Whether you realize or not, pollen is constantly being tracked indoors. Between wind blowing the powdery substance inside or those microscopic grains latching onto your clothing and being inadvertently brought into your home, these easily-missed irritants are one of the leading causes of allergy outbreaks and tend to drive those suffering from a reaction into misery almost immediately. If you or someone you know is suffering from allergic reactions to pollen or pollen particles, cleaning the air with one of Oransi’s air purifiers will help combat pollen allergy symptoms quickly.

To keep pollen levels down to a minimum in your home or office and ensure anyone with allergies isn’t getting getting bogged down by hazardous air particles - please see our recommended HEPA air purifiers above.