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Amazing New Technology for the New Year!

As we ring in 2013, many of us have made resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight, or quit smoking. For people with chronic conditions, it may be a resolution to have fewer asthma attacks, take care of bodily aches and pains early, or to lower cholesterol or blood pressure. For health professionals, it may be a more social goal to help protect populations from environmental pollutants, or at the government level, to reduce obesity and diabetes.

And technology is here to help you!

allergy testing technology

Just last month, a team at UCLA revealed the newest in allergy-testing technology. For the growing population of people with food allergies, even trace amounts of nuts, eggs, or other allergens can cause life-threatening reactions. But it’s not always easy to tell if food contains one of these allergens, especially in restaurants and with highly-processed foods.

This latest gadget attaches to a user’s smart phone and provides a mini-lab for testing food. The phone’s built-in camera works with an app to analyze a prepared sample and can not only tell if a food contains an allergen, but can even determine how much of the allergen is present.

Another great invention that appeared in 2012 can help public health officials monitor indoor air contaminants. We’ve already talked about the dangers of indoor air pollution and how living near high-traffic areas can contribute to asthma. Now, new lab-on-a-chip technology allows researchers to measure even the smallest amounts of toxic air particles.

This tool, no bigger than a wristwatch, uses minimal energy and carries endless possibilities, not just for health care workers but for anyone in an industry that deals with hazardous materials. Imagine factory workers who can monitor not only toxic fumes in the air but their own intake of dangerous particles. And airport baggage screeners who can identify dangerous explosives more accurately without having to risk their safety.

smart phone apps

While these fancy new gadgets may be years away from being produced for consumers, there are already several new pieces of technology that can help you keep your New Years Resolutions.

This handy list from the Ledger-Enquirer details several smart phone apps that can help you with weight loss, smoking cessation, or smart spending. The most recent mHealth (mobile health) conference also revealed several fun new apps that turn health into a competition, allowing you to track eating, sleep, exercise, and other healthy behaviors. And perhaps one of the coolest uses of existing smart phone technology is this app that can measure heart rate, heart rhythm, respiration rate, and even blood oxygen saturation.

So whatever your resolutions may be, the tools you need are right at your fingertips! Happy New Year from everyone at Oransi!

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