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How to Choose the Right Filters: ERIK Air Purifier

We first introduced the ERIK model in 2013 as a portable commercial air purifier. Over the years we have made some modifications to make it more consumer friendly and as a result there are a few filter options.

Each machine holds two filters. One 4” deep pre-filter and one 12” deep main filter.


4” Deep Pre-Filter Options

There are three pre-filters to choose from and any will work in any ERIK machine. The Combination Pre-Filter comes in the ERIK650A and that is what we suggest (option 3). The unit will only hold one pre-filter.


1. Pleated Pre-Filter

ERIK pleated pre-filter
$59. This is the lowest cost option. It has a MERV 8 rating and will remove medium to large sized dust particles. There is no carbon in this filter. Filter life is 6-9 months.


2. Carbon Pleated Pre-Filter

ERIK carbon pleated pre-filter
$79. This is the same filter as above except it is coated with a carbon powder for very light odors. With the carbon the MERV rating is a 7. Filter life is 6-9 months.


3. Combination Pre-Filter

ERIK Combination pre-filter
$139. This is the filter that comes with the ERIK650A model. This filter has a MERV 15 pleated filter and 3.5 pounds of granular activated carbon for the removal of most particulates and a wide range of gases. This filter was custom designed to better fit without less possibility for air by-passing like you have with the first two options. Filter life is 12 months.

12” Deep Main Filter

We suggest using the Main HEPA filter (option A).


A. Main HEPA Filter

ERIK HEPA filter
$259. This is the filter that comes with all ERIK650A units and is the HEPA filter we recommend for all uses (particulates, pollen, dust, bacteria, mold, smoke, etc) unless you only want the machine for gas removal. In that case see the V-Bank Carbon filter below. If you have a machine from before 2016 this filter can be held in place with the addition of this bracket.
This filter has the same performance as the original metal framed filters however only weighs a couple pounds and is much easier to install.


B. V-Bank Carbon

ERIK Main Carbon filter
$219. If you are using the machine to remove only gases/chemicals then the v-bank carbon with 14 pounds of activated carbon will be a better choice.


For machines produced before 2016

The initial ERIK units had industrial HEPA filters with metal frames weighing around 30 pounds.


C. M17 HEPA Filter

ERIK M17 HEPA filter
$295. The real HEPA filter construction consists of a 16 ga. galvaneal frame and moisture-resistant microfine wet-laid fiberglass media. This filter will not fit into the ERIK units made after mid 2016.


D. Erik Ultra Series Main Filter

ERIK Ultra HEPA filter
$295. Filter with twelve individual mini pleat packs that are sealed on all sides in an aluminum frame. This filter will not fit into the ERIK units made after mid 2016.