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Cleaning Your Oransi Filter

Cleaning your Oransi filter is a great way to extend the life of the filter before you have to purchase a replacement. Oransi filters typically last between 6-12 months before the indicator on your device signals that the filter needs to be replaced. Cleaning your filter regularly will help you get the best value for your money.

We suggest taking the filter out of your device every 2-3 months to lightly vacuum them or wipe them down with a soft, dry cloth to prevent accumulation and build-up.

Oransi air purifier filters are not washable for multiple reasons, but the most important reason is that washing the filter damages the fibers of the filter and hurts its ability to clean the air.

A Note On Washable Filters

Washable filters might sound like a great idea, after all they can minimize what ends up in a landfill. That said, if what you need is clean air, it makes no sense to sacrifice the hygiene of your space.

In our experience, it turns into a situation of buying it nice or buying it twice. The quality of your filter diminishes every time you wash it since the fibers are damaged from washing, which is why Oransi doesn’t offer washable filters.

In fact, no  high efficiency air filter is washable. That's because washable filters and HEPA filter based media that is pleated are different types of filters with different functionality.

HEPA filter based media is the gold standard for air filtration with the ability to filter smaller particles out of the air like pet dander, viruses, or smoke. Washable filters cannot filter these smaller particles. Washable filters only filter out larger particles like dust and their quality diminishes after every wash making them even weaker the longer you have them.

So washable filters might save money, but they’re not nearly as effective as a trustworthy  high efficiency air filter made from HEPA filter based media.

Quality and performance is guaranteed when you purchase a new replacement filter, but cleaning your filter on a regular basis can help you get the best filter life and value.