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Kids Have Asthma? Texting Could Save Their Lives

It seems that every week, we hear something else bad about texting. Drivers texting and getting into accidents. Pedestrians texting and bumping into lampposts and falling into fountains. And there’s the annoyance of having everyone around you texting constantly. Apparently texting has created an entire generation of distracted, isolated, and dangerous kids and teens who no longer know how to spell or use proper grammar.

Your Kids Have Asthma?  Texting Can Help

But for kids with asthma, a text message a day could save their lives.

Several studies have been done over the past few years on how texting-based health interventions could be an easy way to maintain healthy habits and avoid complications such as asthma attacks. A few weeks ago, a new study came out that shows just how helpful texting can be to kids who have asthma.

In the study, young asthma patients, aged 10-17, received texts asking about their symptoms and providing asthma information. In four months, the kids showed an improved understanding of their condition and had increased lung function.

The text messages primarily served as a good reminder for patients to take their medicine. They also helped kids become “more in tune with their illness.”

Asthma patients primarily manage their symptoms using medication, but according to studies, only about 30% of teens regularly use their inhalers. But in the study, the teens responded to 87% of the text messages they received. Compared to other methods of education, text messages might improve retention and interaction in asthma patients.

Texting isn’t the only new technology that can help kids and teens maintain their health. Studies show that online social networks can provide people with the motivation to make changes in their lives. For instance, overweight kids and teens tend to hang out with people similar to them. This extends to their online networks as well. But this also means that reaching one person in a Facebook network can have a good effect on a lot of their friends by extension. In addition, strong social networks can help kids and teens (and adults) reinforce good behavior, monitor progress, set goals, and overcome obstacles.

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