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Oransi Air Purifiers On Display In China

Air Purifiers Oransi China 2

While touring China earlier this year, we not only had a chance to partake in the 7th China Air Purification Technology and Equipment Exhibition, but demonstrate our high-performance air purifiers for those making headway on the region’s cultural shift in air quality. To various crowds of business leaders, along with school and hospital administrators, we highlighted the benefits of our large HEPA filters and how their inclusion of high quality activated carbon can truly make a difference for health-concerned citizens.

Take a look below at pictures from the trip, featuring: our trade show booth, Oransi products on display in Beijing, and a few shots of CEO Peter Mann speaking during opening ceremonies of the CAPE Exhibition in Shanghai.

Air Purifiers Oransi China 1

Air Purifiers Oransi China 5

Air Purifiers Oransi China 9