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Oransi CEO Explains The Benefits Of Being ‘Made In USA’ For HomeWorld Business Magazine

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This month, we’ve been spotlighting our Erik Air Purifiers being Made in America. While attaining that homemade stamp of approval was hard work initially and worth sharing alone, the advantages of having our premium, high-end air cleaners Made In USA are really why the move was made.

Yet, we aren’t the only ones who find those benefits worthwhile.

As part of HomeWorld Business magazine’s annual ‘Made In The USA’ report, the homeware insider recently interviewed our CEO Peter Mann about all the competitive advantages Oransi earns by going the extra mile to ensure our high-end air purifiers are manufactured from the United States. Not only does the article do a great job of highlighting how Oransi raised the production bar in the air purification industry, but also how our American-made product line provides a luxury status in foreign countries like China, where their poor air quality levels warrant high-performance units and a higher price point needs to be justified.

Whether your business is small or large, the magazine article below explains how important international implications can be on your product line – for better or worse – and why promotional branding can actually be built through your internal processes. Read below.