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Relieve Ragweed and Pollen Allergies With An Air Purifier

Go anywhere these days and people will be complaining about their allergies.

Relieve Ragweed and Pollen Allergies With An Air Purifier

Between the runny nose, constant sniffling and lack of sleep due to both, people suffering from seasonal allergies simply can’t seem to shake that constant feeling of constraint. To make matters worse, the 2014 fall allergy season is specifically seeing increased levels of ragweed pollen and cases of hay fever.  Now is the time to relieve ragweed and pollen allergies with an air purifier.

Most cases of hay fever are caused by allergies to pollen from ambrosia plants.  Typically known as ragweed, the outdoor air is full of pollen spores. This actively leaves you vulnerable. Although there is no cure for allergies, adding an indoor air purifier to your home or office will ensure any allergens you track indoors will be removed from the air.

If you or anyone in your family suffers from seasonal allergies and are currently feeling the symptoms from pollen and ragweed, read the three following reasons why an Oransi Air Purifier will alleviate your symtoms.

Relieve Ragweed and Pollen Allergies With An Oransi Max HEPA Air Purifier

1) Indoor Safeguard: Anytime you come indoors, you’re tracking in a variety of allergens indoors.  They can be from dust or aerosols. In the fall though, ragweed pollen spores are the main airborne allergens shadowing your every move.  As a result, the leading irritant for people with allergies. To prevent those pollen spores from settling upon entering your space, use an Oransi air purifier.

Depending on the model, our leading air cleaners remove 98-99.99% of all indoor airborne allergens. That way, harmful ragweed and pollen allergens will be absorbed by the purifier, before they even get a chance to settle into your immune system.

Real Customer Review of the Max HEPA Air Purifier:

Relieve Ragweed and Pollen Allergies With An Oransi Finn HEPA Air Purifier


allergy particles removed with an air purifier

2) Industry-Standard Filters: The reason Oransi air purifiers can remove such a high percentage of ragweed and pollen allergies is because we have the top ranked filters in the air purifier industry. Moreso, our Max and Erik purifiers don’t just have one filter to remove airborne allergens like ragweed pollen.,They have three. With a pre-filter to capture the bigger particles, a HEPA filter for all the smaller particles and an activated carbon filter to capture any smoke or odors, Oransi air purifiers have layers of filtration to remove almost every harmful particle from the air.

Real Customer Review of the Replacement Filter Pack for Max HEPA Air Purifier:

air purifiers for pollen


Relieve Ragweed & Pollen Allergies With An Air Purifier

3) Longterm Solution: With industry leading air filtration and the ability to remove irritating airborne pollen particles from the air almost completely, our air purifiers aren’t just a temporary fix to your allergies.  They’re a long-term solution. Our HEPA filters last anywhere from six months to a few years.  This allows healthy air flow throughout peak allergy seasons and prevents most pollen particles from causing you a problem.

Real Customer Review of the Finn HEPA Air Purifier:

finn air purifier for allergies

To find relief from ragweed pollen or any other pollen allergen, browse our full selection of Air Purifiers for Allergies and kick those seasonal allergies to the curb for good.

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