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Spring Allergies Are The Worst In These 20 Cities

worst cities for spring allergies

No matter where you call home, allergens are present. Not ideal, but true. Yet, despite the fact allergies and seasonal allergy symptoms can emerge at any given place and time, there are specific cities in the United States where they’re most prominent. Thankfully, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America just released their annual list of Allergy Capitals, which informs citizens of the different places across the country where common allergens can be hardest to combat.

Although the full list of Allergy Capitals can be found on the AAFA’s website, we have compiled the top 20 cities from their list below. The rankings were based on average Pollen scores (airborne grass, tree & weed pollen, tree & weed mold spores), the number of allergy medications used per patient and the number of allergy specialist per patient in each city.

Considering the list spans across the country and is supplemented by what could be one of the worst spring allergy seasons in years, people with a history of bad allergies should take extra precaution if they live in any of the listed cities. Although there are numerous ways to do this, some methods are more effective than others.

One of the quickest ways to combat spring allergies is by cleaning your home from head to toe. Aside from simply sweeping up all the dust that collected throughout the winter, washing the linens in your most trafficked rooms to remove settled pet dander and pollen from outdoors can be done in one day. However, keeping up that cleanliness is key to remaining allergy free in the long-run.

If you’re looking for more of a permanent fix for your allergy or asthma symptoms, consider an air purifier. By simply implementing one of Orani’s numerous units, home and business owners can relieve their coughing, sneezing and sniffling over the long haul. Although any of our air purifiers can remove over 98% of airborne particles like mold, pollen dust and pet dander, our Finn and Max units can make drastic improvements in your daily air quality levels and are still our most affordable units.

For more information on how to battle back against spring allergies, visit AAFA’s full list of Allergy Capitals, then let our intuitive Help Me Choose Wizard find a purifier for your own specific concerns.