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#TheOransiDifference: Winner Announcement!

oransi difference winner

Last month, we unveiled #TheOransiDifference contest, asking Oransi users to share their air purifier experience and let us know how our units are helping their lives. Although we got numerous responses, the one that stood out the most was from Janet Banta

I love my @Oransi Max air purifier! It keeps my family from sneezing and feeling horrible all day. We have 8 bunnies that live in the house with us and with our Oransi Air purifier, you can’t even tell or smell that we have pets! It’s awesome and some day, I would love to buy the larger, made in USA Oransi air purifier. ‪#‎TheOransiDifference‬

All those furry friends? No wonder our Max Air Purifier has made such a huge difference in Janet’s home! More so, we’re happy to hear our top-rated filters can indeed handle such intense amounts of Pet Dander.

As a thank you to Janet for sharing her story and being a loyal Oransi customer, we’re going to send her a full refund for her Max Air Purifier.

Anyone else looking to experience #TheOransiDifference can browse our full selection of high-performance HEPA air purifiers or find seasonal peace of mind with our Air Purifiers For Allergies.