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What to Get Your College Student with Allergies

Dealing with allergies at home is hard enough. Now that your child is leaving the house for school, they need to know how to deal with airborne and food allergies at college, where they won’t have the assistance of mom and dad if an allergic reaction should occur.

Avoiding allergens and reducing symptoms of an allergic reaction can take a lot of work, and your college student may already be overwhelmed with the massive changes taking place in their lives because of school. It’s up to you, as the parent or guardian, to make sure they are prepared to care for themselves and avoid serious issues with their hay fever and allergies.

college student with allergies

Your college student, whether new to college or a graduate student, should understand what to do when they have allergic issues or asthma. They should know what medications to take and which ones to avoid, and they should understand how to keep their dorm room as free of allergens as possible, and if they have food allergies, they should know who to avoid these foods and find other options.

Fortunately, you can help by providing your college student with the right items. Whether it’s a birthday or a simple going-away gift, these items will help your child adapt to life as a college student with allergies, and will help you worry, perhaps, just a little less…

college students in dorm room

An Air Purifiers for Their Dorm Room

Your student will have very little control over the air in their residence hall, and while most facilities do a reasonable job at providing clean and healthy living conditions, they may not be concerned with airborne dust or other particles. With a small air purifier for allergies, your student will be able to have cleaner air in their dorm room, which can provide many benefits, including the chance to have a better night's sleep and the reduction of allergy symptoms.

Air purifiers come in many different sizes and shapes, and there are some built specifically for small rooms. The Finn HEPA air cleaner, for example, is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to have clean, healthy air in their dorm room or apartment. Make sure you have an air purifier that uses HEPA filters and avoid any unit that releases ozone.

Dust-Mite-Proof and Allergy-Control Beddings

Anyone who has allergies needs to be aware of dust mites, which are tiny lifeforms that live in our bedding and can cause allergic reactions among some people. To reduce symptoms, many people use dust-mite-proof bedding, which can be purchased to cover the mattress and pillows, as well as your blankets. Always be sure you are purchasing items from trusted allergy-prevention companies.

Allergy-control pillow covers are also important. Having a special pillow to reduce allergens while you sleep is an important part of overall health. Pillow covers essentially create a barrier to dust mites and pet dander, as well as other allergens that might get caught in your pillow.

Medical Alert Subscription

This might come off as an over-the-top gift, especially coming from a parent of a college student, but a medical alert system could be a lifesaver, and it will give you a lot of comfort knowing your college student has this protection.

This is simply a medical alert system that allows people to call for help through a pendant or bracelet and create an online medical record that can be accessed by emergency personnel. If your child has serious allergy problems combined with asthma, either from airborne substances or food allergies, being able to call for help and access medical records quickly is essential. Having call-in records is important, and your student will be able to access information quickly and they can enjoy sports bands or beaded bracelets.

Neti Pot

There is some debate over whether a nasal irrigation or neti pot is the right choice for dealing with allergens. However, it’s believed by many that rinsing the nasal passage is an effective way to remove the allergens, including dust and dander, that are giving you so much trouble.

However, according to Healthline, a consumer-health information website, if you use neti pots, avoid using them too much, as overuse could increase your risk of sinus infection. You should also use only sterile water when rinsing your nasal passage, as unclean water could cause infections. (Healthline says that boiling will likely do the trick if you don’t have sterile water.)

HEPA vacuum cleaner

HEPA Vacuum

HEPA vacuums use the same types of filters that you will find in air purifiers. Essentially, they take in air and suck out the large items, just like your typical vacuum cleaner. Before pushing the air back out of the vacuum, however, they pass the air through an advanced filtration system, removing many of the microscopic particles that other air purifiers simply won’t capture.

Most mid-range and low-cost vacuum cleaners don’t come with HEPA filters, and typical vacuums often spread the dust and dander around the home instead of capturing it. A vacuum with a HEPA filter might not seem like the most exciting gift for a college student, but it can help them feel much better when they use it frequently, which could help with both allergies and asthma triggered by dust.

A Stylish Face Mask

When you think of face masks for protecting your lungs from dust and airborne contaminants, you probably think of plain while masks that look like they belong on a doctor’s office.

However, there are many products available that give protection from air pollution while delivering style and interesting designs and colors. If your college student lives in a major metro area, near busy highways or industry, or if their college is located in a place that is in range of wildfire smoke, they will likely benefit from a face mask that has interesting and unique designs that they will want to wear at school, all while reducing allergy symptoms like a runny nose.

Dust-Cleaning Products

Your student may not have all the cleaning supplies they need; in fact, what 18-year-old actually has their own cleaning supplies?

To help reduce airborne allergens in their dorm room, you should purchase high-quality cleaning supplies so they have everything they need to control dust and pollen. Wipes, mops, and brooms made specifically for cleaning dust can be extremely useful for removing allergens that have settled on surfaces. You could also include allergy-reducer cleaning sprays, which reduce odors and keep allergens from becoming a major problem.

air purifier in bedroom

Get the Top Air Purifiers for College Students

Allergy sufferers, whether they be freshmen or graduate students can have one of the finest air purifiers available on the market. Contact us today and we’ll help you choose the right item for your specific needs. From purifiers for large offices to small college dorms, we have everything you need for clean, healthy air!