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Lifetime Cost of Oransi Air Purifier and Filters

A price tag of hundreds of dollars for an air purifier is a significant price upfront, but broken down over 10 years, the expected lifetime use for our devices, it’s a lot less than you might think. 

Having to purchase a HEPA filter replacement might be unappealing, but washable filters aren’t effective although washable pre-filters are a way to save on filter replacements. A highly efficient air filter can’t be washable because each wash harms the fibers on the air filter. While you might want to save money here it’s better to guarantee your clean air with a new filter replacement than relying on washable filters. 

Let’s break down the lifetime cost of our AirMend™ HEPA purifiers, TrueCarbon™ purifiers, the Mod series purifiers, and replacement filters for each of them.  

AirMend HEPA lifetime cost
TrueCarbon air purifier lifetime cost
Mod series lifetime cost

The AirMend™ series, the TrueCarbon™ series, and the Mod series all have a guaranteed warranty that more than likely you won’t need, but it’s available and easily used if there's a product malfunction besides normal wear and tear. 

We're proud to offer an easy to use warranty because we believe in our product and want to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase. The expected lifetime use of our products is 10 years, but they should last even longer than that! 

In fact, we reviewed a 30 day period in August 2022 and found that there were only 2 warranty claims for the Mod Jr. and 0 claims for the Mod out of thousands of purchases. It’s such a low number, we’re confident you likely won’t need to use our warranty. But if you do, our helpful U.S. based Customer Service team is easy to get a hold of by phone or chat and they’ll be happy to help.  

Oransi offers financing through Affirm on each product page. Affirm is a third party that will process your application for financing if you would like to use this option. We also offer a subscription program for filter replacements that automates filter shipments every 6, 9, or 12 months and saves you 5% on each filter. 

We believe clean air is a human right and we try to make our products as affordable as possible while also giving you a long term solution that will easily last 10+ years. 

Sure, there are cheaper air purifiers available, but there’s no guarantee that these products will last. Most come with a one or two year warranty and end up in the landfill earlier than that when warranty claims aren’t easy to make. 

When it comes to clean, healthy air, we believe in buy it nice or buy it twice.

An Oransi air purifier purchase is an investment in over a decade of guaranteed clean indoor air. Just ask our happy customers!