Air Purifier Size Guide

LARGE ROOMS: Mod+ is the best choice for large rooms. This is our purifier with the grey handle. It can clean 563 square feet with 5 air changes per hour.

MEDIUM ROOMS: Mod is the best choice for medium to large sized rooms. This is our purifier with the orange handle. It can clean 524 square feet with 5 air changes per hour.

SMALL ROOMS: Mod Jr. is the best choice for smaller sized rooms. This is our purifier with the blue handle. It can clean 363 square feet with 5 air changes per hour.

Hassle Free Clean Air

Oransi air purifiers are made with safe and effective air cleaning technology.

We only use high efficiency air filters and strong motors in our purifiers to ensure no harmful byproducts are created, only clean air 24/7.

These purifiers are simple to use with no unnecessary features like downloading apps or connecting to Wi-Fi.

Breathe easy knowing the air is clean when you turn on your Oransi air purifier.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Oransi purifiers solve an invisible problem: dirty air.

Once you take that first deep breath of clean air you'll never want to turn it off again.

Your purifier works to bring you the cleanest, freshest air possible. You'll notice it's working because there's an absence of excess dirty air signs like dust and odors.

No purifier can completely rid your home of these issues, but a great purifier will significantly decrease them.

Clean air improves everyone's lives. It keeps you and your family safe from the big issues like viruses and the small inconveniences like dust.

Our Story

Oransi began as an engineer's journey to provide healthier indoor air so his asthmatic son could breathe more easily.

Since 2009, we've been bringing the same peace of mind to customers with our air purifiers.

At Oransi, we believe everyone deserves clean air.

Our mission is to provide clean and healthy indoor air through safe, high quality, and affordable products.