When your first choice is out of stock, it sucks. We agree 100%. 

But if you love ERIK, then we’re confident you’ll also love our EJ120 air purifier. EJ is the next step in the evolution of ERIK (after all, EJ stands for “ERIK Jr.”). A few years after launching ERIK, we felt that we could take things a step further.

The goal? To create a more compact version of ERIK that was much quieter but still able to cover a large area, whether you’re in a home, office building, or hospital.

After months of non-stop work, our team of engineers and designers exceeded expectations. So what’s so great about EJ?

It boasts a medical grade MERV17 rated HEPA filter. In other words, it’s been tested to remove 99.99% of airborne allergens and particulates.

It was chosen for the temporary medical station at Javits Center in New York during Coronavirus 2020. 

It was chosen as CNN’s Best Air Purifier for Large Homes 2019.

It’s the quietest high-end air purifier on the market. On its lowest settings, EJ is undetectable by ear. 

It has a coverage area of up to 1,250 sq ft.

It has a highly efficient, German engineered EC motor (instead of an outdated AC motor like other air purifiers use). The result? A quiet system that reduces energy consumption.

It’s considerably smaller than ERIK, making it more discreet (especially with its quiet motor) and easy to move around the home or office.

It’s more stylish than ERIK as it boasts a more contemporary look.

It’s $899 while ERIK is $1,595.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have so much more to tell you. So what do you say? Ready to learn more about EJ?


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Discover Which Air Purifier Is Right For You

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