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Ranked #1 by Clemson University

The only air purifier to produce completely clean air!

The Clemson University Microbiology Lab conducted air purifier tests of 4 leading air purifiers. Three popular HEPA air purifiers and the leading electronic air purifier (per Consumer Reports).

The goal was to find the purifier that produced the cleanest air. The Oransi was the only purifier to produce totally clean air. As stated by Dr. Fred Stutzenberger, PhD at the lab, "You can be justifiably proud of your product."

Airborne Particles Removed

Lab Results

Air Purifier Lab Results

What this Shows

The picture to the left shows the results. Petri dishes captured the particulates coming out of each air purifier. The cleaner the petri dish the better the filter. The other air purifier results are in A, B, and D. The Oransi air purifier is C.

What this Means

Only the Oransi removed all particles (ie a completely clean petri dish). This is representative of cleaning the air of bacteria, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and dust.

Test Procedure

The test was conducted by holding a sterile Petri dish in front of the exhaust of each air purifier. This was done for a stopwatch-timed 5 minutes. The Petri Plates were closed and taped. Then incubated for 3 days at 37 degrees Centigrade. The comparison of microbes exhausted by each unit is shown in this image.