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Air Purifier Filter Comparison

air purifier filter replacement cost comparison

A Comparison Of HEPA Air Purifier Filters And HVAC Filters

a comparison of Oransi mod air purifier filters and HVAC filters

Why go with a HEPA Air Purifier?

HEPA air filters are rated highly due to their best in class ability to remove a high percentage of particles with each pass of air through the air purifier. While it's important to replace HVAC filters regularly, you should also consider investing in a HEPA air purifier for even greater benefits. If you suffer from allergies or asthma a HEPA air purifiers is the best choice since its filtration is designed to remove the smallest particles that trigger an allergic reaction. These microscopic particles stay suspended in the air longer and are more likely to be breathed deep into your lungs. These particles will simply pass through a standard air filter. One of the key aspects of air cleaning is to not introduce a pollutant such as ozone that exists in some other air purification technologies. In our reviews we have not seen any HEPA based filters with elevated levels of ozone but if that is a concern be sure to ask.

HEPA Air Filter Considerations

The primary concerns of a HEPA air purifier are the filter replacement costs and noise level associated with moving the air through the HEPA filter. The air purifiers compared have dBA levels between 30-40 on their lowest level, but the mod and mod jr. standout as having a 20 dBA noise level on the lowest setting. Noise level can be subjective and some people really like the white noise and can't sleep without it while others can only sleep in a silent room. The HEPA purifiers have fan speed settings and you can control the noise level to find a setting that is comfortable for you while still helping your allergies or other air quality concerns. Since the filter media is dense it requires a stronger fan than other types of air purifiers but the power difference is less than what is used by a light bulb.