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Getting Started With Your Air Purifier

Did you just purchase an Oransi air purifier? Congratulations on your investment and thank you for not only supporting our company, but caring enough about the health of yourself and those around you to make a difference in the air quality.

Now that you've received your Oransi air purifier, let's walk through the general steps on setting up the unit and cleaning your air immediately.


Unboxing Your Air Purifier

Here is a short video on how to remove the mod from packaging and how to setup your new mod air purifier. These same unboxing steps also apply to the mod jr. 


    Read The Instructions

        When initially unboxing any Oransi air purifier, follow these immediate steps:
        • Open Packaging & Remove Air Purifier
        • Set Aside Instruction Manual
        • Air filter inside the machine is wrapped in plastic. Remove plastic wrap before operation.

        Once the package is open, locate the instructions and read them thoroughly to ensure your unit is assembled properly and all safety precautions are taken.

        Also, set your calendar for reminders for when the respective filters for your purifier will need to be replaced. See the filter calendar below, for your specific unit.

        Unit Filter Type Time To Replace


        3-in-1 combination filter
        Replace After 12 Months


        3-in-1 combination filter Replace After 12 Months
        Mod Jr.
        3-in-1 combination filter
        Replace After 12 Months


        Place With Purpose

        While your air purifier will improve the air in any room, make sure to place the unit in the area where the air quality is the worst or where people spend the most time to get the most benefit from your unit. If you’re at home, consider the bedroom, living room or kids’ playroom. If you’re at work, consider your office, the conference room, or kitchen. Learn more about where to place your air purifier for maximum clean air


        Getting started with the Mod+, Mod, and Mod Jr. air purifiers


        Powering the unit on and off

        Press the power icon to turn the unit on. Press and hold to turn the unit off. This slight delay is due to the ENERGY STAR® certified efficient motor. It will power down as you press and hold the power icon.


        Setting fan speed

        Tap the fan speed arc to activate the user interface. To set fan speed, slide your fingertip along the arc and stop at the desired setting. Sliding right increases fan speed. Again, due to the ENERGY STAR® certified efficient motor it will take a moment to register your fingertip pressing the arc. This has an energy efficient EC motor so it will take a few seconds for the fan to reach the span speed setting.


            Choose Your Settings

            Depending on the Oransi air purifier unit you purchased, there are a few settings you may want to adjust during startup. These can include fan speed, night mode, child lock, etc. For device-specific settings, see the product manuals below.


            Breathe Better

            Now that your unit is properly placed and your settings are adjusted to your liking, enjoy cleaner air in your home or office. From there, stay up to date on filter updates and reach out to us here for further questions.

            Did you lose the user manual for your Oransi air purifier? No problem. Below are manuals for each of our air purifiers. Print a copy and store somewhere important!  



            User Manuals for Current and Retired Air Purifiers: