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Oransi has been designing and making high-performance air filtration products since 2009. We continue to innovate in the air purifier field with our decades of experience and have gained stellar reviews and traction in the media. 

Our press team loves to share memorable and interesting stories. If you are a member of the media please email our Press contact, Ria Romano, at 


Shades of Entrepreneurship 10.19.23 

Oransi CEO Peter Mann talks about his personal reasons for founding Oransi. Peter discusses how he wanted to find unique solutions for maintaining healthy indoor air quality for his asthmatic son and how he created that solution in Oransi's air purifiers. 

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Neurodiverging 9.28.23 

Oransi CEO Peter Mann discusses his personal journey since his late autism diagnosis. Peter talks about his focus on advocating for autism acceptance in the workplace and Oransi's affordable air purifiers. 

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Real Simple "How to Improve Air Quality in Your Home" 9.18.23

"The first step to better air quality is to remove anything from your home that is causing your indoor air quality to degrade, says Peter Mann, founder and CEO of Oransi." 

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Deep Leadership 9.11.23 

Oransi CEO Peter Mann discusses how to scale your business. Peter talks about how Oransi has grown and hiring local Radford, Virginia employees to work in our facility when we begin assembling products in the US. 

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Strategy and Leadership Podcast 9.5.23

Oransi CEO Peter Mann discusses his entrepreneurial background and how "a high-quality product, being aware of the needs of your target market, and keeping a healthy working culture within your own team" is essential to Oransi. 

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Grow a Small Business Podcast 8.28.23

CEO Peter Mann discusses how he built Oransi into a successful small business in the air purifier industry. 

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eCommerce MasterPlan 8.21.23 

Oransi CEO Peter Mann discusses Oransi's approach to building better products and understanding customers' wants and needs when purchasing an air purifier. 

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Assembly Mag 8.13.23 

"Oransi, a producer of indoor air purification products, was manufacturing in China. Peter Mann, CEO of Oransi, wanted to reshore manufacturing from China to the U.S...

In 2021, Oransi merged with Aviemore Technologies, a motion control manufacturer, and Mann together with Aviemore’s founder, Moe Barani, redesigned the air purifiers from square one with fewer parts.

The goal is to shift 100 percent of manufacturing from China to the U.S. within a year, creating about 100 new American jobs. When companies simplify their product designs and reduce assembly steps, they can reshore profitably."

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PR Release 8.7.23 

Oransi releases the Mod+ which has the highest smoke particle removal performance for the price. 

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The UnNoticed Entrepreneur 8.3.23 

Oransi CEO, Peter Mann, discusses his personal and professional journey as an entrepreneur. 

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That Entrepreneur Show 7.27.23

Oransi CEO Peter Mann talks about how being neurodivergent helped him become a successful entrepreneur, but also the personal challenges of being neurodivergent. Peter speaks on his own personal journey into autism in the workplace advocacy and how he operates as CEO for Oransi. 

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The Drop In CEO 7.24.23 

Oransi CEO Peter Mann discusses his personal history from joining the Navy to becoming an entrepreneur to building a brand that stands out from competitors and creates a welcoming company culture. Peter also discusses his advocacy for neurodiversity in the workplace. 

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The Manufacturing Culture Podcast 7.12.23 

Oransi CEO Peter Mann discusses Oransi's inclusive culture and his own personal journey as an entrepreneur. Peter also talks about his late autistic diagnosis and his advocacy for neurodiversity inclusion in the manufacturing industry and the general workplace. 

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The Veteran (Semi) Professional 6.8.23

Peter Mann talks about his life from being in the US Navy to founding Oransi and selling air purifiers. Peter also discusses bringing manufacturing and jobs back to the United States. 

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DEI Is Often Missing Neurodiversity 6.5.23 

Oransi CEO Peter Mann discusses how diversity, equality, and inclusion conversations need to include neurodiversity. 

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The Manufacturer's Network 5.30.23

Oransi CEO Peter Mann, who is autistic and a neurodiversity advocate himself, discusses why those who are neurodivergent make great employees in the manufacturing field. Peter also talks about Oransi's journey to reshoring and focus on electric motor technology in our Radford, Virginia facility. 

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Biz/Dev Podcast 5.30.23

Oransi CEO Peter Mann talks about his leadership style and how important it is to embrace neurodiversity in the workplace. 

Business Growth Accelerator 5.16.23

Peter Mann, Oransi Founder and CEO shares his unique approach to thriving in a crowded market. 

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THINK Business 5.10.23

CEO Peter Mann talks about Oransi bringing our Radford, Virginia facility online over the last few years. Oransi is committed to bringing manufacturing back to the US and building a local supply chain to bring efficient, intuitive and reliable products for consumers, schools, organizations and businesses.


Manufacturing Unscripted 5.8.23 

CEO Peter Mann talks about the challenges of manufacturing in America as Oransi plans to reshore. Peter also shares his thoughts about new technologies and customer needs.  

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What Is Innovation? 5.3.23

CEO Peter Mann talks about Oransi's decision to reshore its manufacturing as an act of innovation. Peter also discusses other goals for Oransi in the air purifier space so we can bring bring efficient, intuitive and reliable products for consumers, schools, organizations and businesses. 

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The How of Business 5.1.23

CEO Peter Mann talks about the creation of Oransi, where Oransi is headed in the future including bringing the Radford, Virginia manufacturing facility online, and his late autistic diagnosis.

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Oliva Mental Health at Work Podcast 4.27.23

Oransi CEO Peter Mann discusses his late autistic diagnosis. He also stresses the importance of equity in the workplace for all employees with a focus on neurodiversity advocacy. 

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Passage to Profit 4.24.23

Oransi CEO Peter Mann discusses 2023 plans for the company. Including offering honestly priced, trusted and quiet air purifiers. And how we have taken out the cost and pass the savings onto the customer.

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Founder Breakthroughs 4.21.23 

Peter Mann discusses his "entrepreneurial superpower" finding focus and joy working toward founding Oransi. 

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Startup Hustle 4.19.23 

Oransi CEO Peter Mann talks about the stigma surrounding neurodiversity and how his advocacy for autism awareness and acceptance in the workplace is combatting the stigma. Peter also discusses about his own journey being an entrepreneur with autism. 


Life in the Neuro Cloud 4.17.23 

CEO Peter Mann talks about his personal life being diagnosed late autistic and his advocacy for autism awareness and acceptance in the workplace.  

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Authority Magazine - Medium 4.11.23 

CEO Peter Mann discusses his own personal experiences being diagnosed late autistic, his advocacy for neurodiversity in the workplace, and Oransi's journey. Peter digs in deeper about how business best practices to establish a more welcoming for people who are neurodivergent. 

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Manufacturing the Future 4.7.23

CEO Peter Mann talks about the creation of Oransi, how the company grew with the desire for cleaner indoor air with COVID, and our journey toward manufacturing in the United States. 

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Chief Executive 4.3.23 

CEO Peter Mann discusses Oransi's journey to reshoring manufacturing to the United States. Peter talks about how Oransi was able to redesign and innovate to meet this reshoring goal.  

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Navigating the Spectrum with Michele Portlock 4.3.23

Oransi CEO Peter Mann discusses his personal and business life as an autistic entrepreneur and autism acceptance advocate. 

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Someone Gets Me 3.17.23 

Oransi CEO Peter Mann discusses his journey as an entrepreneur who advocates for autism acceptance in the workplace. He discusses founding Oransi and the process of bringing jobs back to the United States with a new Virginia based facility.  

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Veteran on the Move 2.27.23 

Peter Mann, Oransi CEO, discusses his life and career from serving 4 years in the Navy during the First Gulf War to re-entering civilian life. They discuss Peter founding Oransi, the product line, and the new Radford, Virginia facility. 

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Springbrook's Converge Autism Radio 2.22.23 

Peter Mann, Oransi CEO, discusses his life as an autistic entrepreneur. "While he still focuses on developing his business, he has pivoted his time to find new ways to support others who are neurodivergent and may not know how to tap into their abilities to succeed at work. His new mission is to advocate for autism awareness in the workplace – and help others overcome obstacles to create cool new companies, products and more."

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Industry Week "Driving Innovation Through Autism Awareness in Recruiting" 2.15.23

Peter Mann, Oransi CEO, discusses advocating for autism awareness and acceptance in the hiring process and beyond.   

A Mental Health Break 2.4.23 

Peter Mann, Oransi CEO, discusses his experience being neurodivergent in his personal life and his entrepreneurial life. "Peter unknowingly tapped into being neurodivergent, using his autism to become a highly successful serial entrepreneur and CEO. After being late diagnosed autistic, he is now an advocate for autism awareness in the workplace."

20 Minute Leaders 1.31.23 

Peter Mann, Oransi CEO, discusses his journey in the air purification field, Oransi's clean energy mission, Oransi's efforts to reshore manufacturing, being diagnosed late autistic, and advocating for autism awareness in the workplace


ScarySymptoms 1.23.23 

Oransi CEO and Founder Peter Mann discusses Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs highlighting hiring autistic people to help keep employee turnover rates low. "In addition to the cost of hiring a new employee, there is a loss of knowledge, productivity and relationships as well as potential morale issues. There are many things a company can do to keep their employees engaged and satisfied to retain them. One is a renewed emphasis on DEI programs."  

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The Manufacturing Executive 1.17.23 

"Peter Mann is the Founder and CEO of Oransi, a leading manufacturer of air filtration and ventilation products. A United States Military Veteran, Peter served 4 years in the Navy, including a tour in the Red Sea during the first gulf war. Peter is late diagnosed autistic and, in this episode, talks about his journey of being an entrepreneur with autism."

Virginia Business 12.29.22 

"By the end of 2023, portable air purifier maker Oransi hopes to have products on the market designed and manufactured in its new Radford facility...Oransi’s first air purifier manufactured in Radford will be in production early in the second quarter, and a second purifier will begin production late this year (2023) or in early 2024."

Online MBA 12.9.22

Oransi CEO and Founder Peter Mann discusses neurodiversity and entrepreneurship. "Mann views being autistic and an entrepreneur as complementary because of his ability to pay close attention to the details and execute plans or ideas. Another common strength of neurodivergent people is innovation. "There's a lot of us who think outside the box," says Mann." 

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Air Purifier Ratings (2021)

Max - Rated #1

"The key benefits are that the air purifier is easy to use, has very high filter performance...In the testing that we have done we found the Oransi Max air purifier outperformed the others.”


Rolling Stone 8.9.21

“Oransi, whose popular Mod air purifier removes mold spores, pet dander and smoke, in addition to bacteria and dust, began after its founder sought to find ways to treat his asthmatic son.”

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Forbes 6.18.21

Oransi EJ120 rated the best air purifier for viruses…the Oransi EJ120 can handle pretty much any air purifying job that’s put in front of it.”

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The Healthy 6.10.21

“Veteran-owned air purifier company Oransi creates best-in-class air purifiers that get rid of pet dander, dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, smoke, and mold in your home or business.”

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iMore 2.18.21

Oransi mod is listed as one of the best Air Purifiers of 2021. 



MultiBrief 12.14.20

The Oransi Mod Air Purifier uses a  high efficiency air filter to remove dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, smoke, VOC, and other allergens.



The Oregonian 9.20.20

“(The mod is) simple to use out of the box, and while it’s large, it comes with a convenient fold-down handle, which makes it easy to carry from room to room.”

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Dentistry Today 9.18.20

“(The Oransi Mod Air Purifier) has many of the same benefits as our bestselling EJ120 Air Purifier that was purchased by the Javits Center in New York for their COVID field hospital, but mod has a more attractive price point, said (CEO Peter) Mann.”

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Modern Castle Reviews (2019 & 2021 & 2022)

EJ120 - Rated #1

"The Oransi EJ120 is an absolute monster of air purifying power."

“I would recommend the Oransi mod if you’re looking for an air purifier with the following features: large area coverage, excellent performance, simple controls.”

"The Oransi mod jr. is designed to be simple and blend into the décor. Because of that, using the device is incredibly easy. There are just a few things included in the box, but that makes it easy to set up."


Huffington Post 7.27.17

"The Oransi EJ model is a purifier that is made in the U.S. with components that are so high quality that the product is whisper quiet yet offers an extremely high level of filtration..."

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CNN Business 5.19.15

“China's air pollution is a serious health hazard, especially in major cities. While many Chinese consumers wear anti-smog masks when they venture out, home air purifiers are becoming increasingly popular. "The market has really heated up in the last two years (since 2013)," said Peter Mann, founder and CEO of Oransi, which manufactures air purifiers in the United States.”

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Inc. 2.20.15

“Mann says sales were growing slowly and steadily. He wanted to propel growth by selling air purifiers in China, capitalizing on concerns about air quality there. To sell his wares, Mann says he had to make Oransi stand out from the hundreds of Chinese companies already making air purifiers. So Oransi designed a better, costlier filter that could weed out more air particles.”

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Yahoo 2013

“(CEO Peter Mann) conceived the idea (to make a business of building hospital-grade residential air filtration systems) when his infant son was battling life-threatening asthma and every system he tried proved ineffective.”

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Bloomberg Business Week 12.6.13

“Chinese in smoggy cities are dying for this Austin start-up’s (Oransi’s) air purifiers.” 

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Clemson University (2011)

Oransi Filters - Rated #1

"You can be justifiably proud of your product." -Dr. Fred Stutzenberger, Clemson University

In September 2011, Dr. Stutzenberger from the University of Clemson let us know his team had conducted an independent study on the leading air purifiers. To our surprise, not only was our Max Air Purifier unit part of that test, but our unit had the top results when compared against the competitive models.

The test was conducted by holding a sterile Nutrient Agar Petri Plate directly in front of the exhaust grid of each unit for a stopwatch-timed 5 minutes. The Petri Plates were closed and taped then incubated for 3 days at 37 degrees Centigrade. See specific results below:

  • Not only did the Max produce the cleanest air, it was the only purifier to produce totally clean air.
  • The Max completely rid the air of all particles, while the competitive air purifiers left bacteria, mold spores, pollen, and dust. 


Oransi Logos For Use


Oransi orange logo 


Oransi orange logo


Oransi orange logo

*Oransi still offers replacement filters for retired air purifiers.