TrueCarbon™ 150C Air Purifier


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TrueCarbon™ 150C Air Purifier

Heavy Duty Carbon Filtration For Smoke, VOCs And Odors: Small rooms (275 sq ft). Perfect for smokers, musty odors, chefs, wildfire smoke areas, creators, DIY project lovers, pet owners. Clean small to medium spaces quietly. Uses the proprietary Oransi energy efficient motor. Designed, engineered and assembled in USA.

  • Bedroom, Office
  • Living Room
  • Basement
  • Small Living Areas
  • Classrooms
Effective For:
  • Dust,
  • Allergies,
  • Pet Dander,
  • Mold,
  • Pollution (vehicle, gas stoves),
  • Smoke, Smog,
  • Bacteria, Viruses,
  • VOCs
  • Heavy Duty Carbon Filtration For Smoke And Odors: Small room. Perfect for smokers, neighbors of smokers, chefs and bakers, those who live in wildfire smoke areas, DIY project lovers, pet owners, and anyone who yearns for naturally clean air. The proof’s in the smell, or, actually, the lack of smells!
  • Get The Full Cleaning Treatment With TrueCarbon™: This dense carbon filter removes tough to filter airborne odors, smoke, weed smells, pet odors, paint fumes, formaldehyde, and various VOCs.
  • Peace of Mind with Clean Air: Smokers don’t have to worry about their neighbors’ complaints and neighbors don’t have to worry about smoke and odors, it’s a win-win. Nail techs and painters don’t have to breathe in toxic fumes. Pet owners will notice fewer pet odors like less of a litter box odor. DIY remodelers won’t have to breathe in formaldehyde from off-gassing furniture and flooring.
  • Proven Performance: Designed, engineered, and responsibly assembled in the USA – this purifier focuses on quality and reliability for the long haul. Rigorously tested by independent third-party laboratories verify we didn’t just make it smaller, we made it better. *US Patent applications pending.
  • Even More Benefits: Easy to replace long-lasting filters, whisper quiet performance, remote control with 10 fan speeds, no ionizer/ozone, and goes completely dark so won’t interrupt sleep. Can be placed on floor or tabletop. Remote magnetically docks to the top of the purifier for safe storage. If you lose it let us know and we'll get a replacement to you at no cost. *Replaces EJ GAC model.


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Assembled in the USA

  • The TrueCarbon™ 150C air purifier is assembled in our Radford, Virginia facility. Since we make the product we can repair so it should never end up in a landfill.
  • We make and locally source as many parts as possible while maintaining a competitive price.
  • The only budget friendly heavy duty carbon air purifier that’s Assembled in the USA.

Heavy Duty Carbon Filtration

  • The only air purifier that's both affordable and features 3.2 lbs of granular activate carbon.
  • The only budget friendly option compared to the competition.
  • Over 2 inches deep of carbon filtration engineered for the heaviest of odors, smoke, and harmful gases.

Easy To Use

  • Simple to use remote control sets the exact fan speed and purification level. If you lose the remote let us know and we'll get you a replacement at no cost.
  • No apps, air quality sensors, or gimmicks. No other unnecessary bells and whistles that complicate use.
  • Quick initial set up that takes less time than brushing your teeth.

Best for Small Rooms

  • Captures smoke from cooking, wildfires, vaping, cigarettes, and other sources.
  • Captures VOCs from off-gassing furniture, formaldehyde, paint, and other airborne concerns from DIY projects.
  • Handles the worst smells like from diaper pails, kitchen accidents, pets.
Room Coverage 200-275 square feet
Fan Speeds 10 Fan Speeds
Power 30 watts
Filter One 3+ lb granular activated carbon filter
Filter Life 12 months
Noise Level 30-60 dBA
Dimensions 13" x 13" x 8" (W x H x D)
Weight 10 lbs
Controls All controls are located on the remote.
Where Made Designed and Assembled in the USA
Warranty 2 years
Certification UL, California Air Resources Board (Model Number: AMD-150C)
Technical Specs


Building materials, furniture, wood floors, smoking, household products, fuel-burning appliances (gas stoves, kerosene space heaters) Test Procedure: VOC removal testing was performed by Intertek per AHAM AC-4-2022 “Method of Assessing the Reduction Rate of Chemical Gases by a Room Air Cleaner.” Chamber is filled with chemicals and air purifier is turned on at zero mark on x-axis.
formaldehyde removal


Cleaning products, smoke, pet odors, building materials.
ammonia removal


Paint, paint thinners, adhesives, synthetic fragrances, nail polish and smoke.
paints, paint thinners, adhesives, synthetic fragrances, nail polish and smoke
Included in your purchase

TrueCarbon™ Purifier

Granular Activated Carbon


Power Supply

What's Included

Unbox And Prepare For Use

Important: Remove the air filter from the plastic wrap inside the air purifier before use.

Why Choose our Carbon Filters

*AirMend and TrueCarbon devices have the same user manual. User's Manual

Is the remote simple to use? Yes. The remote turns the purifier off and on by pressing the white button in the center of the gray circle. It also has (+) and (-) buttons that control the fan speed. The + button increases the fan speed. The - button decreases the fan speed. The remote can be magnetically placed on the center top of the device for safe keeping. The remote takes one CR2025 battery.

Is the purifier easy to turn off and on? The TrueCarbon™ air purifier is very easy to turn off and on. There is a power button on the remote that turns the device off and on.

Does the TrueCarbon™ purifier work for strong odors? Yes! The granular activated carbon filters are treated to help filter out odors and VOCs in your home.

Is the filter easy and affordable to replace? Does it last a long time? Yes. The TrueCarbon™ filter is easy to replace, affordable, and lasts a long time. Replacing it only takes seconds and the process is simple. Take off the front grill and swap out the dirty filter for a new one. The granular activated filter should last 12 months. TrueCarbon only works with the black carbon filter replacement.

Where do I purchase replacement filters? Only genuine Oransi filters will work. Replacement filters can be purchased directly from Oransi. We’ve engineered our purifiers this way to maintain quality control and ensure you get the best air cleaning performance.

How do I clean my filter? The TrueCarbon™ Air Purifiers come with one filter: a granular activated carbon filter. The filter can be vacuumed and cleaned with a soft cloth. You can also clean the outside of the purifier with a soft cloth if needed.

How do I replace the filter?

1. Turn off and unplug the air purifier.

2. Take off the front grill of the purifier.

3. Take out the old granular activated carbon filter.

4. Put the new carbon filter into the device.

5. Put the front grill of the purifier back on.

6. Plug in the purifier and turn the device back on with the remote.

What if my remote is not adjusting the fan speed? Our remotes have a plastic tab that saves battery life during shipping. This needs to be removed before the remote will work. If the plastic tab has been removed, then most likely the issue is that the battery needs to be replaced. The remote takes one CR2025 battery. If your remote is still not working please reach out to our US based customer service team.

Is the purifier easy to carry? Yes. The TrueCarbon™ air purifier is very easy to carry. It’s lightweight with a small footprint that can easily fit on your tabletop. The dimensions are 13" x 13" x 8" (W x H x D) and the weight is 10 lbs.

Is the purifier loud? No. The TrueCarbon™ purifiers are not loud. There are 10 fan speeds so you can easily control the airflow and noise level with the remote. On its lowest setting it sounds like someone whispering.

carbon filter comparison

6x the Amount of Activated Carbon As Other Devices*

Removes smoke, gases, and smells.

Smoke, gases, and smells are difficult to capture, but the TrueCarbon™ 150C does it with ease.

Over 3 pounds of granular activated carbon removes the heaviest odors, gases, and smoke.

The carbon filter measures 10" x 10" x 2.2" and is treated to remove the heaviest of airborne concerns.

While others charge $800+ for this level of filtration, we're keeping the TrueCarbon™ budget friendly.

It's reliable, clean air at an affordable price without the gimmicks. Guaranteed to protect your health for years to come.

* Based on an average carbon weight of 0.5 lbs for typical air purifiers.

truecarbon black feet filter change gif

Initial set up is simple — it just takes seconds

Initial set up is easy and the maintenance for your purifier is just as simple.

All you have to do is remove the protective wrapping on your filter, plug in, and turn on your device.

Clean air doesn't get any easier than that!

To protect your carbon filter, it is securely wrapped during shipment.

Remove this protective wrapping, re-install the filter, plug it in, turn it on, and feel the clean air.

oransi air purifier remote

Hassle Free Clean Air

Clean air with the click of a button.

The TrueCarbon™ purifier is easily controlled by a remote so you can set your exact preferred speed and noise level.

Don't lose sleep over clean air.

The TrueCarbon™ series is a perfect fit for your bedroom. It won't disrupt sleep because the LED lights disappear after setting your fan speed.

The remote magnetically docks in place on top of the air purifier for easy access and storage.

There's a plastic tab, which conserves battery life that needs to be removed for the remote to work. 

If you lose the remote let us know and we'll get a free replacement to you next day. If you lose power the air purifier will restart automatically at the previous fan speed. 

The TrueCarbon™ purifier provides quick, simple, and easy clean air right out of the box!

*Protected by US Patent application numbers: 29/931,401 and PCT/US24/19247.

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