Oransi’s Sustainability: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

We believe that clean air is a human right.

That’s why we make air purifiers that are both high quality and affordable. 

But unlike other air purifiers, we also focus on making them as responsibly as possible. What does that mean? It means treating our people with care, engineering thoughtful products, and innovating new ways of solving old problems that reduce our carbon footprint and make for a more sustainable air purifier from beginning to end. 

We want to be known for our positive impact on air quality — both indoor and outdoor.

A major step in this direction was bringing our Radford, Virginia facility online. We wanted a facility in the US where we could control the quality of our products as well as ensure high quality working conditions and fair compensation. After all, we take pride in what we do and want our customers to feel proud of what you’re supporting too.

Our Current Sustainability Practices

Sustainable can mean many things to many people. At Oransi, what this means is cutting back on our total greenhouse gas emissions as a company. 

To do this, we’re putting thought into the resources we use and how our supply chain is built. Our manufacturing facility in Virginia produces little to no waste and we’ve locally sourced parts to further cut down on transportation needs.

This effort includes three main areas where we’re able to be more sustainable in our approach. These three areas are how we create our products, how we’ve structured the organization since its founding, and how we engineer our technology.

Our People

Oransi was founded in 2009 and from our start, founder Peter Mann had sustainability in mind. The full time remote customer service and marketing teams continue to work remotely to this day.

While we do have a facility in Radford, Virginia where employees engineer, assemble, and ship air purifiers to our customers using highly specialized technology and regulated safety equipment, we don’t require all employees to travel nor do we require a daily commute from our remote staff.

This reduces fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions created by employees commuting to an office every day. Working from home can reduce a person’s carbon footprint by over 50%.

Our Product 

We’ve ensured that our newest products, the AirMend™ HEPA and TrueCarbon™ series, have as many locally sourced parts as possible. This supports local businesses in our New River Valley area as well as neighboring states like North Carolina.

Sourcing parts locally reduces our shipping emissions and fossil fuel consumption from transportation. The majority of the parts we need to assemble our newest products don’t have to travel far, and sometimes they’re just down the road. 

We repair products assembled in our Radford, Virginia facility so they’re less likely to end up in a landfill.

Unfortunately, a lot of imports can’t be repaired and quickly end up in landfills. We’re proud to have engineered products that last a long time and can last even longer with our ability to repair them in-house. 

We’re mindful of the plastic, cardboard, and other components that our shipping requires by focusing on energy efficiency, manufacturing with little to no waste, and using recyclable shipping materials. We opt for minimal packaging where it doesn't impact your experience.

Our Proprietary Technology 

Our proprietary motor technology is another major way we are able to uphold our mission of being more sustainably minded.

The AirMend Series features these motors that use significantly less electricity than other air purifiers.

This technology helps us reduce our carbon footprint while also reducing yours. 

Our ENERGY STAR® certified air purifiers can help you feel confident that your own energy consumption, and electricity bills, will be minimal.

We’re committed to releasing high performing energy efficient products as we expand what’s engineered and assembled in our Radford, VA factory.

What’s next for Oransi?

Our goal is to continue upholding this sustainable approach to our new products and balancing that with our mission to create American jobs. 

From our products, to our people, to our proprietary technology, we’ll continue to innovate new ways of manufacturing in a minimal waste, sustainable way.

To do this, we will continue to locally source as many components as we can for in-house assembly and ensure that our proprietary technology is as energy efficient as it is effective.

We're aware of our impact on the environment and how our manufacturing practices can impact the air.

Cleaning the air has been our mission from the very beginning.

In the future, we expect to build on these sustainability practices while also building a manufacturing presence that highlights the many different benefits of bringing manufacturing back to the US.