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Where to Place Your Air Purifier for Maximum Clean Air

Investing in an air purifier is a great step towards improving indoor air quality. And with the effort and cost you've already invested into getting the right device, it only makes sense that you'll want to get the most benefit out of using it. That's why it’s essential to consider the placement of your purifier in your home. 

Proper positioning, including the right surface and distance from potential obstructions, play a crucial role in getting the best performance from your air purifier. A purifier can only achieve peak performance with unobstructed airflow. We’ll explore the best ways to position your air purifier in your space to maximize its efficiency and air cleaning ability.  


First, Select the Right Surface

When it comes to choosing a surface to place your air purifier, stability and functionality are key considerations. 

It’s best to put your device on a hard, flat surface. For example, a hardwood floor, tile floor, or short carpeting. This ensures stability and prevents the device from easily tipping. A solid surface also allows for even weight distribution which will help minimize vibrations and other unnecessary noise while running it in your space. 

Oransi now offers an air purifier small enough to fit on a side table or desktop while also being powerful enough to clean an entire room. The AirMend air purifiers need to be placed on a hard, flat surface without obstructions whether that's the floor or a table. 

You’ll also want to be sure the surface doesn’t obstruct airflow. How air flow works is different from product to product, but a good rule of thumb is to not have any of the device covered with material that could potentially cut off air flow. It might seem like your device only takes in and pushes air out of the top, but many circulate air through the bottom as well. Make sure you don’t have your purifier sitting on any materials that could cause issues like a big fluffy rug. 


Next, Maintain Distance from the Wall and Other Obstructions

Once you’ve got the right surface you’ll also want to make sure to set up your air purifier away from any big obstructions, like walls or furniture. This will help maximize air flow and cleaning ability in your space. It’s best to make sure your air purifier is at least 12 inches away from the nearest wall, couch, or other big pieces of decor. We know this isn’t always possible depending on the constraints of your space, but if you can make it work, we highly recommend it. 

That’s because this distance allows for optimal air intake and distribution, which prevents restricted airflow. Placing the device too close to the walls or big pieces of furniture can hurt the performance of the purifier, reducing the overall effectiveness of the device. An air purifier needs to be able to take in and filter out airborne particles and push out clean air without meeting resistance. 

It’s also best to avoid corner placement. It’s an appealing option for keeping it out of the way, but having your air purifier right up against two walls in the corner can impede proper airflow. You don’t need to have the purifier set up right in the middle of your room, but it’s best to not have it hidden in the corner either. 


Consider Room Layout 

It’s difficult for an air purifier to pull air from multiple spaces in a home that are separated even by partial walls. Having an air purifier running in your bedroom doesn’t mean that it can pull air in from the hallway and the room across the hall. Even with the doors open it will have to work harder to clean both rooms because of the layout of the space.

Air purifiers are portable, so it’s best to move them around throughout the day and keep them where you’re spending the most time. We’re not saying to carry a big device with you constantly, but moving it once or twice a day ensures you’re getting the clean air you need in the space you’re occupying the most. 

We suggest moving the purifier into the room you are in most during the day, somewhere like a family room or your home office. And then moving the air purifier to your bedroom at night to get clean air while you sleep. 

Purchasing multiple units to run throughout your house is another option if you don’t want to move your air purifier around during the day. Just consider your air cleaning needs based on your house layout. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team if you have any questions. 

By following these guidelines you’ll create a healthier indoor environment and get the best performance out of your air purifier, helping it last for years to come.