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AirMend™ Small Room HEPA Air Purifier

AirMend™ HEPA

From $169.84
<p>Small to Medium rooms</p>

Small to Medium rooms

<p>Particles, dust, pollen, etc.</p>

Particles, dust, pollen, etc.



<p>Tabletop, floor</p>

Tabletop, floor

<p>7 lbs</p>

7 lbs

<p>Assembled in USA</p>

Assembled in USA

AirMend™ 150C TrueCarbon™ Air Purifier

AirMend™ TrueCarbon™

From $199.84
<p>Small to Medium rooms</p>

Small to Medium rooms

<p>Heavy odors, gases, VOCs</p>

Heavy odors, gases, VOCs

<p>Activated Carbon</p>

Activated Carbon

<p>Tabletop, floor</p>

Tabletop, floor

<p>10 lbs</p>

10 lbs

<p>Assembled in USA</p>

Assembled in USA

mod+ Air Purifier

mod Series

From $249.84
<p>Large rooms</p>

Large rooms

<p>Particles, dust, pollen, light odors</p>

Particles, dust, pollen, light odors

<p>HEPA + Carbon</p>

HEPA + Carbon



<p>18-23 lbs</p>

18-23 lbs

<p>Assembled in China</p>

Assembled in China

At Oransi, we calculate room size using the AHAM recommended air exchange rate of 4.8 times an hour for clean air flow every 12.5 minutes.

The Mod Air Purifiers

Engineered for large to extra large spaces. The Mod family of air purifiers (pictured below) all feature a combination of pleated HEPA and carbon in their filters. This filtration technology is ideal for removing fine particles like pollen, viruses, dust and dander as well as light odors, smoke, and VOCs.

The original Mod air purifier can be seen in the National Institutes of Health during the PBS American Masters: Dr. Tony Fauci. Same brand chosen for the Javits Center temporary COVID field hospital.

The Mod family of air purifiers are assembled in China in accordance with strict Oransi quality standards.

For our Assembled in USA air purifiers, see the AirMend.

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The AirMend Air Purifiers

Engineered and assembled in our Virginia factory, AirMend is the only affordable line of air purifiers that are Assembled in the USA.

Built to clean small and medium sized spaces while fitting neatly on an entry table, desk, or side table.

Our next generation motor is quieter, lighter, and has higher torque. What does that mean in your home? Better air flow and higher energy efficiency. In fact, the cost of running the AirMend is so low it quickly becomes as budget friendly as other air purifiers on the market under that are cheaper at first but hit your electric bill harder.

Responsibly made and responsible for your budget? The AirMend is a breath of fresh air.

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