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Remove Toxic Gases And Odors With Oransi’s Carbon Activated Air Purifiers

As of October 2021, the Dominguez Channel continues to emit hydrogen sulfide and is affecting air quality in the Los Angeles area. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a relief program to help those affected by the Dominguez Channel affected by the odor and air quality issues it’s causing for surrounding residents. And air purifier purchases are fully covered by the program.

The toxic gas hydrogen sulfide is a chemical compound also known as hydrosulfuric acid and sewer gas. The compound can be smelled at low levels and affect people causing headaches and nausea as those in the city of Carson and the surrounding area are experiencing now.

Typically events like this only last a day or two and there are no side effects, but the Dominguez Channel has been emitting the foul odor, similar to rotten eggs or sewage, for weeks. The length of exposure is forcing Carson, CA residents to relocate or find a way to alleviate the toxic gas and the symptoms it’s causing by purchasing air purifiers. 


What Residents Can Do:

While local workers are attempting to fix the situation with natural deodorizers, residents can take action to keep themselves and their families safe. The easiest and most effective suggestion has been to purchase an air purifier, and these purchases can be reimbursed quickly according to the relief program in effect until December 3, 2021.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that “health officials urged residents to keep their doors and windows closed to prevent the stench from entering homes, and consider replacing air filters with stronger, activated-carbon filters to help clean the indoor air.”

Air filtration and purification are extremely important in this situation. The proper air purifiers can help alleviate symptoms, odors, and the toxic gas itself from your home or other indoor living spaces.


Our Recommendation:

The mod, mod jr., and OV200 are great recommendations for this situation since they meet the requirements of carbon activated filters. These air purifiers can help those affected by the odor and toxic gases including hydrogen sulfide emitting from the Dominguez Channel.

All of Oransi’s products are certified portable air filters/cleaners through the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and eligible for reimbursement.

Oransi product CARB certifications

Oransi’s US-based customer service reps are available to talk at 888-281-3948  if you feel you need more information and guidance. 

*The Erik, EJ, Max, and OV200 air purifiers have been retired. Oransi still offers filters for retired air purifiers.