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A Conversation With Oransi At Volusion

In this episode, Kevin Sproles (Volusion CEO) has a fireside chat with Peter Mann (Oransi) about entrepreneurship, online marketing and selling.

Volusion is a leading e-commerce provider and the platform that the site is built on. See a behind the scenes look at Volusion and the conversation with Peter at their company meeting.

2:35 How did you (Oransi) get started?
4:30 What is the need and China and the biggest markets for your products?
7:35 Is it possible for cats to have allergies?
8:46 What is your product development process?
10:30 How is your product unique in the marketplace?
12:22 What are the different channels you use to market your products?


This is a new series where we show Peter’s entrepreneurial journey. The purpose is to give a behind the scenes look into our business (Oransi). But mainly, we want to give back and show our journey to help those who are looking to start a business or are on their own business journey.

Thanks for watching our videos. We would love to here your comments. If you are an entrepreneur let us know if there are any topics you would like us to cover.