14 years in the making. No corners were cut in the process.

mod HEPA Air Purifier

Cleans 1,312 sq ft (twice per hour)

$399.00 $599.00

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Our most powerful air purifier. True HEPA filtration. Cleans the largest spaces with best in class quietness due to an energy efficient motor and intuitive swipe-touch control system. Easily turns any office, conference room, bedroom, living room, or common area into a clean one.

  • Bedroom, Office
  • Living Room
  • Basement
  • Large Living Areas
  • Classrooms
Effective For:
  • Dust,
  • Allergies,
  • Pet Dander,
  • Mold,
  • Pollution (vehicle, gas stoves),
  • Smoke, Smog,
  • Bacteria, Viruses,
  • VOCs
  • Meet mod, where smart, modern design meets superior, efficient and quiet performance. . Patent pending.
  • Effortless to use - From the glass, touchscreen user interface that’s as familiar as your smartphone to the orange carry handle and filter handle, allowing for easy movement and no need to touch a dirty filter.
  • Captures allergens, viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, smog, smoke, mold spores, pollution from vehicles & gas stoves, other pollutants, and VOCs.
  • Real HEPA filters (99.97% at 0.3 microns) tested to remove 99.4% of particles at 0.02 microns (20 nanometers) and 0.10 microns. COVID is around 0.125 microns where the removal rate is 99.6% with each air pass.
  • Unbelievably quiet for an air purifier this powerful. 20–49 dBA (whisper quiet/almost inaudible on low to conversation volume on high).
  • Quiet with high air flow ability to clean larger rooms- 1,312 sq ft with 2 air changes per hour.
  • See our guide for use in a classroom or dental office.
  • What's included: Air purifier with filters installed, User's Manual
  • Remove air filter inside unit from plastic wrap before operating. See video of set-up.
  • Find the Mod Replacement Filter.

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10 Year Warranty On All Products

10 Year Warranty On All Products

The mod includes free shipping

The mod includes free shipping

60-Day Returns*

60-Day Returns*

Paypal No Interest Financing Available

Paypal No Interest Financing Available

Who Knew Something So Small & Quiet Could Have Such a Big Impact?

Giving you healthy air is our #1 priority (and #2, and #3…).
meet mod HEPA air Purifier

There are 5 things every person needs to survive: water, food, shelter, sunlight, and air.

Our specialty is air. Or more specifically, clean air.

Although practically invisible, the air we breathe plays a critical role in our wellbeing. To achieve the longest, healthiest life (and to ensure the same for our families and pets), clean air is an absolute must.

In today’s world of pandemics, wildfires, seasonal allergies, and so much more, keeping your indoor air clean of allergens, pathogens, and pollutants can feel like an almost impossible task.

But it’s not a task you have to tackle alone. For more than a decade, we’ve specialized in engineering the highest quality, most energy efficient air purifiers to do the dirty work for you.

We’ve had a laser focus on this one important issue.

By the way, you visited us at just the right time because the mod HEPA Air Purifier you see today is our latest and greatest air purifier.

Continue below to learn all there is to know about the mod. Heads up: We believe in full transparency and providing you with everything you need to know to make an educated decision. Naturally, that means our page will be a bit longer than anticipated, but we promise that what you learn in the next 10 minutes will be worthwhile.

Where To Use

Where To Use

Best for: Bedroom, Office, Living Room, Basement

Coverage Area

Coverage Area

Up to 1,312 sq. ft.

Effective For

Effective For

Dust, Pollen, Mold, Pet Dander, Allergies, Bacteria, Smoke Particles, Light Odors only

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No Air By-Pass

No air by-pass so all the air is filtered. This is a huge feature and is one reason we have superior air filtration performance. Other air purifiers often have openings that leak unfiltered air, making them inefficient (which means more energy needs to be used to clean the same amount of air, and more energy used means a higher energy bill).


Revolutionary 3-in-1 Filter

Effective against viruses, bacteria, dust, pet dander, allergens, fine particles, smoke, VOCs, pollutants, and gases (methane gas, sulfur gases, and many others).


Unmatched Efficiency

Latest Japanese engineered EC motor is quieter and uses up to 90% less energy than competing air purifiers.

Easy To Use

Surprisingly Easy to Use

Control by touch: simply slide a finger along the fan speed arc to set the precise air flow. Compact and lightweight: at just 23 lbs, Mod is easy to move between rooms and it’s only 14 inches wide and deep by 25 inches high, fitting almost any space.

Effortless to operate: Touchscreen with filter life indicator.
Product Details
Room Coverage Most sized rooms - up to 1,312 sq ft (2 air changes per hour), 524 sq ft (5 air changes/hour)
CADR Rating EPA EnergyStar CADR - Smoke:338, Dust: 337, Pollen: 381
Fan Speeds Variable (97-350 CFM)
Power 77 watts, 120V, 60Hz
Filter One Filter (Pre-filter, True HEPA, Activated carbon)
Filter Life 9-12 months
Nano-Particle Removal 99.4% at 0.1 microns, 99.4% at 0.02 microns (20 nm)
VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal: 76% (in 1 hour test)
Noise Level 20-49 dBA
Dimensions 14" x 25" x 14" (W x H x D)
Weight 23 lbs
Controls Glass user interface. Slide finger to set precise fan speed
Where Made Designed in USA, Assembled in China
Warranty 10 years
Certification Energy Star, CE, ETL, RoHS, California Air Resources Board (Model Number: MD01, EO#: G-20-224)
Technical Specs

Easy To Use

  • Simple, intuitive controls with easy filter access. Slide your finger along fan speed arc to set the precise air flow.
  • Room air purifier ready to use out of the box (remove air from plastic bag before use).
  • Don't need a manual to operate the air purifier.


  • Best Filters – Rated #1 air purifier in independent study by Clemson University.
  • Latest Japanese enginered motor is quiet and uses up to 90% less energy.

Best Reliability And Quality

  • Proudly designed and tested in the USA.
  • MERV 17 HEPA filter. And it's super quiet while providing a strong air flow for medium to larger sized rooms.
  • Motor protection - motor will slow down intermittently if run continuously at high speed to extend the life of the motor.


  • Certified Ozone Safe by the State of California Air Resources Board.
  • ETL certified safe.
  • Energy Star.
Included in your purchase

1 Mod HEPA Air Purifier Air Filter

User's Manual
What's Included

The Best Filters


With the mod we combined three filters into one – a mesh pre-filter, true HEPA filter and a layer of activated carbon. This cylindrical filter has a convenient carry handle so you never have to touch the dust that has accumulated on the filter. The mod air filter also has seals on both ends to ensure no air bypasses the filter so you can breathe the cleanest air.

The carbon layer will adsorb VOC's. In a 2 hour test, the mod removed 88% of formaldehyde.

Note: Dust will accumulate on the outer mesh screen of the filter. This can be vacuumed or wiped with a cloth to clean.

Filter Efficiency
Filter Efficiency By Particle Size

Effective for fine particles, smoke and gases (methane gas, sulfur gases, and many others.)

Performance For Nano-Sized Particles
Performance For Nano-Sized Particles

0.02 microns = 20 nanometers

The Best Motor & Fan

mod (like our EJ and Erik series) has the best, latest EC motor and fan so it provides higher air flow while being quieter and using much less power. The EC motor is a much-improved technology over the traditional AC motor that nearly every other air purifier uses.

AC motors use technology that was developed in the 1800’s and use more energy, can have an annoying hum, and are not as reliable. They are common because they are very inexpensive to produce.

Placement - we suggest placing the air purifier in the room where you spend most of your time. For most this is a bedroom where the unit stays plugged in and runs 24/7 or whenever you are in the room.

Best Motors and Fan

EC Motor Advantages

EC (Electrically Commutated) motors use electronics to convert the AC voltage to DC to run the motor. EC is the latest technology innovation whereas AC motors use technology from nearly 200 years ago. With an AC motor from China, chances are that the copper was wound by hand and the ball bearings are of low quality making it unreliable.

  • EC motors are DC so they are more efficient and use up to 90% less power and in the long term can provide significant cost savings.
  • Runs cooler so greater reliability.
  • More compact
  • Has a proven track record in the telecom and computer industry.
  • No motor hum that you get with an AC motor.

Why does the motor/fan start and stop more slowly than an AC motor? EC motors have a soft start programmed into the motor to limit the start-up current the motor draws (there are electronics built into the motor).
The ramp down after power is removed is only a function of the inertia of the fan and the friction of the bearing system. A high quality bearing system will take longer to slow down and stop since the friction is minimized (alignment is better, lubricant is better, etc.).

Room Size

Room size

Up to 1,312 sq ft with 2 air changes per hour. Smoke CADR tested up to 343 CFM.

Perfect for large home living areas, offices, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and any other small to large square footage space that requires portable air cleaning.

The mod is super quiet - in fact the quietest air purifier on the market for the given air flow. And on the lowest fan speeds we could not detect any sound in the sound chamber testing.

CADR Test Results
CADR Test Results

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is the industry standard for ability to reduce smoke, dust, and pollen particles in the 0.10 to 11 micron (μm) particle size range and basis for assessing room size coverage.

CADR Test Standard
CADR Test Standard

Tested per ANSI/AHAM AC-1 by Intertek ETL

How To Unbox And Prepare For Use

How To Replace A Filter

Important: Remove the air filter from the plastic wrap inside the air purifier before use.

Note: To turn off you will need to press and hold the power button for 3 seconds

How long does the filter last? The mod and mod jr. have one combination filter that includes pre-filter, real HEPA, and activated carbon. The filter life is 6-9 months of continuous use.

When the filter light is illuminated, does it mean it’s time to replace it? The red filter light will illuminate after 4,500 hours of run time indicating it is time to check the real HEPA filter. We suggest replacing your filter when you can no longer see white filter media.

How do I clean my filter? Clean the filter with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner or wipe with a damp cloth. Cleaning your real HEPA filter every few months can prolong filter life and help you get the best value for your purchase.

How do I replace the filter?

1. Turn off and unplug the purifier.

2. Flip the purifier upside down and place it on a non-scratch surface with the base facing up.

3. Move the slide switch to the right to unlock. Grab the base and turn it counterclockwise to loosen. Lift off the base of the purifier. Pull the handle of the air filter to lift it out.

4. Insert new filter with handle facing out. Twist the handle slightly to ensure it is fully seated in the housing.

5. Place the purifier base back on the housing lining up the arrows of the base. Turn the base clockwise to tighten. Move the slide switch to the left to lock. Flip the purifier over onto the base and plug back in and turn on.

How do I reset the Filter light? Press and hold the filter on the interface until the light goes from red to blue.

What if my interface is not adjusting the fan speed? It takes a moment for the interface to recognize touch, so place your finger on the fan speed scale until you see the interface light up. Then you can adjust the fan speed to your liking.

Why is the fan speed decreasing for a moment without me touching it? When the unit is operating at a high speed continuously, the motor will slow down intermittently to extend the life of the motor.

How do I turn my purifier on? Press the power button for a moment and release. Do not hold it down. The interface will light up when powered on.

How do I turn my purifier off? Press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

How can I clean the outside of my purifier? Use a clean, dry, soft cloth to wipe the external surfaces. Never use any chemical or harsh cleaners.

Brands Using Oransi

Oransi air purifiers are used by some of the leading companies, medical centers, government organizations and universities. We are delighted to be able to provide clean air to so many quality organizations.

American red cross

mod HEPA Air Purifier

Cleans 1,312 sq ft (2 times per hour)

$399.00 $599.00

+ Free Shipping

Reviews & Questions

Still Have Questions?

The mod Air Purifier is a high-performing product that is the result of over 1,000 engineering hours. Naturally, you may have some questions for us. Luckily, we have the answers.