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Are Smart Air Purifiers Really Worth It?

The short answer? No. Smart air purifiers aren’t worth it. Smart appliances certainly have advantages, but air purifiers don’t perform better when connected to an automated online system. 

Smart appliances are built to make your life easier. They should assist you throughout the day and function more efficiently instead of creating more frustration in your life. Smart appliances are more expensive and often cause more trouble than ease from security issues to app connectivity issues. 

Purchasing a smart appliance that costs more you’d be hopeful that it works better and lasts longer than devices that don’t have smart features, but that’s not always the case. Take Oransi’s air purifiers, we have an accessible warranty guarantee and your device should last even longer than a decade, but if your device is dependent on software updates (which ours are not) then the functionality might not last as long as the actual product itself. 

In fact, there are several disadvantages to having a smart air purifier that outweigh any kind of benefits you might find. 

disadvantages of smart air purifiers 

The Disadvantages of Smart Air Purifier Functionality

Smart air purifiers are typically connected to an app. This app allows you to track your air quality and control changing the settings on your air purifier, or multiple devices, from one interface on your smartphone or laptop. But really, who wants to mess with an air purifier’s settings day in and day out?

We suggest purchasing our air purifiers, turning them on, and forgetting about them as they quietly clean the air in your space. We like to set it and forget it.

Having an air purifier that only cleans when your indoor air quality is “unhealthy” isn’t an ideal setup. It means the device that should be cleaning your air is sitting idle, letting it get to an unhealthy state before it kicks on to do its job. An air purifier like this will have to work overtime to be able to clean unhealthy air and go through the process over and over again. This can also mean it’s louder in the room as it makes up for the unhealthy air. 

An air purifier that is always running won’t have to work as hard to clean the air because the air will be consistently cleaned. Running your air purifier day and night will guarantee that your air is clean and your air quality is healthy instead of allowing it to get unhealthy before running. 

While running your air purifier day and night may seem like it would be an energy issue, it’s the better option. An air purifier, or any device purchase, should be ENERGY STAR certified ensuring that your air purifier isn’t using much energy in the first place. Also, turning off your air purifier with an app won’t unplug the device itself so it would still use some energy. 


The Disadvantages of Smart Technology in Air Purifiers

Another common issue that many smart appliances have is that they’re a potential security risk. There are standards in place for security updates to devices connected to Wi-Fi. You’ll hear about these updates and how important it is to immediately update your smartphone or laptop so your private information isn’t at risk. 

Have you ever thought about your smart appliances being hacked? It’s more likely than you might think. 

Someone trying to hack your air purifier shouldn’t be a fear, and yet if you have a smart air purifier this is a possibility. Wanting to keep your information private is a common concern, and unfortunately, you don’t have to just worry about hackers when purchasing a smart appliance. 

Some companies build systems in their products that track your activity and store your personal information. This approach is usually buried within a privacy policy, but it can be completely avoided if you don’t purchase smart appliances. 

Many companies aren’t thinking about security updates for their smart appliances, which should be a concern for customers. Even if they are updating their apps to fix security issues and bugs from previous versions your clean air will be dependent on whether your device has the right type of software to download the app and successful stable Wi-Fi connectivity. 


Oransi Doesn't Use Smart Tech

While there are advantages to smart appliances in other fields we can only speak to smart air purifiers, and in our opinion, it’s not all that smart an option. 

Clean air should be easily accessible to everyone and not dependent on your own personal tech savviness or trust in companies that aren’t well equipped to safely provide helpful smart features. And it certainly shouldn’t let your air become unhealthy before kicking on to address it.