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Buy An Air Purifier, And Never Dust Again? 

Is there really a magic bullet for never having to dust again? We want to be upfront with you – even with an air purifier, you'll still need to dust surfaces fairly regularly. No air purifier can claim to eliminate 100% of airborne indoor dust. And if you see one that does claim to, take that claim with a big grain of salt. 

Don't get us wrong, air purifiers are awesome at dealing with dust. They work hard to improve the air quality in your home, making it cleaner and healthier overall. And when you have an Oransi air purifier, you'll notice a significant reduction in those pesky dust particles floating around. It'll make your home feel fresher and more pleasant.

Sure, you'll still need to do some dusting from time to time, but our air purifiers will be your trusty sidekick in the fight against airborne dust. They'll keep your indoor air quality in check, so you can breathe easy and enjoy a cleaner living space.


How An Air Purifier Cleans Dust

An air purifier will help filter out airborne dust before it can settle on surfaces, or in your lungs, but dust will still accumulate on surfaces. For a clean home, you’ll still want to regularly dust and vacuum, even while running an air purifier all day. 

We understand running an air purifier and seeing dust on surfaces can feel frustrating, but no device will completely eliminate airborne particles in their entirety. It should minimize the amount of dust that falls on surfaces and allow you to go longer between deep cleans. Consider an air purifier your helping hand in keeping a cleaner, more healthy home.

An air purifier gets this job done by filtering out airborne dust and smaller particles that we can’t see or clean up with a spray to create a safe environment. You can dust, vacuum, and clean regularly to pick up any visible surface dust while an air purifier like the Mod+ captures up to 99.4% of airborne particles like dust before they can settle on surfaces and settle into the lungs. What you see build up on your surfaces are the remaining dust particles that didn’t reach the purifier’s internal filter. 

Using an air purifier is like pressure washing your deck. Sure, you can try your best to clean a deck with your own two hands and the proper chemicals, but it will take hours and you likely can’t get the same result as a quick pressure wash. 

You’ll quickly notice the difference between the part of the deck that you’ve power washed and the areas you haven’t gotten to yet. Seeing the dust build-up slowly when switching to a new filter after running your Oransi air purifier for a year is the same feeling. 


How To Clean Dust With An Air Purifier

Although we can’t free you from all the dust bunnies in your life, there are a few tips you can follow to achieve the freshest, cleanest air. Here are our top recommendations when purchasing an air purifier so you know you’re getting the most out of your purifier. 

First, purchase an air purifier that can clean your entire space. A handheld dust buster isn’t able to clean your entire home, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner for that size space. An air purifier’s cleaning ability is no different. The easiest way to understand if a purifier is able to clean your space is to compare a purifier’s official CADR to the square footage of your room. 

Second, make sure your air purifier isn’t doing more harm than good. Unbelievably, some air purifiers still release harmful gasses like ozone into your home as a byproduct of their cleaning process. This impacts your indoor air quality and is especially harmful to sensitive lungs (like children or the elderly). Find an air purifier that only uses proven safe filtration, no ionization, and a strong motor. These are the only things a purifier needs to clean indoor air safely and effectively. 

Third, place your air purifier in the correct space. Placement of your air purifier is important to achieve maximum airflow in your home. A purifier can’t do its job if something is obstructing its airflow. Place it on a hard surface and if necessary place it on carpet, but try to keep it on a low pile carpet. 

An air purifier will clean your air and filter out airborne particles including dust, and while it simply can’t capture all airborne dust it does capture a lot more than you might think! Pictured below is our Mod purifier filter full of captured airborne particles including dust that didn’t have a chance to make its way into lungs or settle on surfaces.

Oransi Mod purifier filter caked in filtered dust