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Productivity And Indoor Air Pollution

Air purifiers can provide more than just clean air to everyone in your office building, or your work from home employees. It turns out they’re a great source to find a quick and easy return on investment by keeping your employees more productive throughout the day and to minimize sick day absences.


Diminished Productivity Due To Air Pollution

A 2021 study by researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health assessed and measured cognitive function in relation to air quality to see if there was a connection between air quality and performance.

The study found that higher air pollution rates with lower air ventilation rates were associated with slower response times and reduced accuracy in the cognitive tests.

The results also indicated that higher levels of air filtration and ventilation could improve employee productivity. One way to achieve better air quality is with an air purification system.


Competitive Benefits To Buying Air Purifiers

Air filtration and ventilation would be a good investment for any business looking for their employees to be more engaged and productive. There are cost effective portable air purifying products that can provide the stellar air quality needed to help boost employee productivity.

Along with helping productivity, air purifiers help mitigate the transmission of airborne viruses from the common cold to the flu meaning less employee sick days. Air purifiers also help with common allergies that could cause employees to lose focus if it’s a high pollen count day.

Having a high-quality air purification system is certainly an employee benefit that companies can boast while trying to hire new employees as a company-wide health and wellness effort. This effort also protects the health and wellness of current employees. While it’s certainly a plus for employees and their overall job satisfaction, most companies will see a return on their investment in an increase in employee productivity, focus, and accuracy.


Air Purifiers And Return On Investment For Your Company

Research from Harvard and Syracuse ground the connection between productivity and air quality in quantitative results that show more of a return on investment if companies do move forward with adding air purifiers in their facilities.

The Harvard and Syracuse study found that low air quality can hinder employee performance and the employees who were working in the clean air environment performed 61% better on cognitive tests than those in an environment without air filtration.

The research also found that going above and beyond by providing double the ventilation saw the cognitive test score accuracy increase by more than 100%. 

The study claims that spending as little as $40 per person on a high-quality air purification system to create better indoor air quality could result in a $6,500 increase measured in employee productivity.


Infrastructure Benefits To Buying Air Purifiers

Along with helping your employees, air purifiers can also help physical buildings stay in shape during employee off time.

Whether it’s a holiday or your company is shifting toward a hybrid remote and office set up, air purifiers can help maintain your building’s infrastructure and cleanliness when there are fewer people.

Allow you and your employees to stay focused, healthy, and engaged with portable Oransi air purifiers today!