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California School District Looks To Protect Students With HEPA Air Purifiers

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With school starting across the country, many districts are updating their facilities to help students learn better than ever. The Mountain Valley Unified School District is taking it one step further, by purchasing 30 HEPA Air Purifiers to guarantee their students are breathing the healthiest air possible.

Because California is one of the 15 worst states for air quality in America, the Mountain Valley Unified district took extra precaution and purchased these HEPA air purifiers to ensure nothing can hold back the education of their valued students. After all, some states are saying poor air quality is lowering grade point averages, which is the last thing that should be hindering kids’ mental growth.

Hopefully this trend continues, as Mountain Valley Unified is merely one of 12,884 school districts in the country and many more could (and should) reap the benefits of healthy, clean air.

Schools looking to implement HEPA air purifiers into their own facilities and help students breathe optimally, should consider Oransi’s air purifiers. Our doctor approved units remove 99% of airborne allergens, streamlining nothing but clean air into students’ delicate lungs. We also offer bulk savings via air purifier bundles, which are perfect for schools looking to place them in various classrooms.

Read more to see how poor air quality affects schools.  We also wrote this guide on the best air purifiers for children.

(Credit KRCRTV)

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