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DIY vs Oransi Whole House Fans

If you want to keep your house cool, you have a few different options for your living space. You can simply run fans in the house, but this really only works when the air outside is warm but not excessively hot and humid. You could also run the air conditioner, but this machine tends to use a lot of energy, resulting in high utility bills during hot and humid weather.

Another option is a whole house fan, which sends air through the home and out the attic and creates ventilation. While these machines are best when the weather is warm but not hot, they can give you an affordable and consistent source of cool air in your home.

If you decide to install a whole-house fan, which circulates air all through the house, you can choose an Oransi whole-house fan or a DIY whole house fan. Both have their advantages, but when you compare the two you’ll see that an Oransi fan system is a far better option.

Why Whole House Fans?

Before we can compare, it helps to understand what a whole house fan does and what purpose is serves. Whole-house fans are essentially powerful fan units that are placed in the ceiling of the top story in the home and the attic floor.

They move air all through the home and out attic vents to the outdoor area, creating a cooling effect while bringing cooler, fresh air from the outside and sending stale air outward through vents in the attic. They are useful in various climates, even areas that are hot.

This means a whole house fan is not only great for cooling a home with greater energy efficiency than an air conditioner, it also creates better air quality because it cycles in outdoor air and doesn’t simply recirculate air like an A/C, which means contaminants are pushed out as well.

Oransi Whole House Fan System

Oransi Whole House Fans

At Oransi, we are committed to creating the finest home equipment possible. Starting with our top-quality air purifiers, we have created products that create superior results for your home. We use advanced designs, world-class filters, and the finest engineering to give your home outstanding results. Success with our air purifiers has allowed us to take that same level of quality, integrity, and commitment to excellence in whole house fans.

Whole house fans with attic vents are an important new feature for many homes across the United States that want ventilation. By moving air through the house and out through proper ventilation from the ground level to vents in the attic, these appliances make your home more comfortable and can help reduce indoor air pollution. They are measured in cubic feet per minute, which tells how much air is being moved through the home and out the attic vents.

Our whole house fans were designed with a wide variety of top-quality features, but one of the most important aspects of these machines is the high-quality German EC motor, which doesn’t have humming like you might expect from a DIY machine. Despite the quiet noise for your living space, the motor provides outstanding power, allowing the fan blades to effectively move air from one section of the house to another and out the attic. This is helpful for cooling the home and creating air flow.

We designed this fan specifically to have no duct in the attic. By having no duct, the unit is much easier to install, requiring less effort and less space for the overall unit. This is an important part of maintaining the ease of installation, which is enhanced by the relatively compact size compared to other units available. This gives you air flow with greater convenience.

Another important feature for Oransi fans is variable speeds. With other units, you are limited to one or two speeds, but our fans allow you to select the right speed and cubic feet per minute for your specific needs. This can be helpful when you want to set the motor to a perfect balance of power without excessive noise.

DIY Whole House Fan

A DIY whole-house fan can take many different forms, so it’s hard to describe an exact appliance or machine that covers all units that create proper ventilation. However, a DIY whole home fan is generally a fan that has been built using many different parts to create the entire unit that is installed in the attic. In many cases, people choose the most affordable materials to create their fan, which means they may be using a simple box fan fit into a gap on the ceiling. This box fan will essentially perform the same function, but it will have less reliability, air flow and will likely be noisy and cumbersome when you need ventilation.

DIY whole house fans come in a variety of powers, speeds, sizes, and prices. You can find items that are heavy and difficult to install in the attic, but have the ability to move air through the home and out attic vents at a high rate. You can also find DIY fan units that are light, simple, and easy to install, but they may not have the power you need to move enough air through the attic vents for a cooling sensation all through the home.

When creating a DIY whole house fan in the attic, you can create the proper ventilation to fit your needs, but as you’ll see, it may not be the best option for your home.

To create and install a DIY whole house fan, you need a variety of skills and resources. This can make DIY whole house fans less ideal for many users, especially ones with minimal experience in construction and home remodeling. If you are not a confident with your building skills, you may find that a DIY whole house fan in the attic is too difficult to install.

Oransi Whole house Fan vs DIY Fans

Energy Savings:

The energy savings of your DIY house fan in the attic will depend on many different factors, including the product you select and fan size that you install in your home. However, in general you will find that the Oransi whole house fan is far more energy efficient than almost all DIY options. We specifically built this whole house fan for efficiency without sacrificing quality, and it outperforms many other models available on the market.

In testing against a competitor model, we found that the Oransi whole house fan brought power savings of 44% while maintaining reliable airflow for consistent cooling for less. When the two competing units were tested at the same airflow rate, the Oransi model brought power savings of 20.6%. This shows that the Oransi fans can help you save money on your energy bill, and you won’t have to reduce your use. Winner: Oransi

Speed Choices

Having speed options is important for your whole house fan. You want to have the ability to adjust the fan speed to your specific situation. For example, if you want to cool the house quickly, there should be a high setting. If the house is comfortable, and you just want to maintain a cool temperature, you should be able to set the speed lower. Likewise, you should be able to set the speed somewhere in the middle to fit whatever preferences you have at the time.

Unfortunately, many DIY whole house fans won’t give you a large variety of options for cooling the home and forcing stale air out the attic. Many have only two speed settings, while the Oransi whole house fan has an adjustable setting that allows you to set the fan speed exactly where you want it. Having fan speed choices lets you get better results from your whole house air purifier. Winner: Oransi


The installation of your whole house fan should be as simple and convenient as possible. Many homeowners will prefer professional installation given that basic electrical wiring and it requires cutting a hole in your upper level ceiling.

With an Oransi whole house fan, you will get a product that is easy to install and use in your home. It has a compact size compared to most of the competition, and it has no duct that needs to be installed. This allows you to install the fan more easily, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional.
Winner: Oransi


Controlling the noise in your home is important, and you don’t want a whole home fan that brings excessive sound in the living space when running in the attic. When you operate your fan, you deserve quiet, peaceful circulation, all without sacrificing efficiency and performance.

With an Oransi, you’ll get a machine that is designed for quiet performance. We use German-engineered motors that are not only powerful, but extremely quiet, allowing you to enjoy a whole house fan in peace. With a DIY whole house fan, you’ll have a hard time getting the quiet sounds you need, as you don’t know what types of motors were used to create the fan.
Winner: Oransi

Initial Price

We understand that price can be a concern for many homeowners. After all, with groceries, bills, car payments, and all the little costs of living, there can be very little room left in the budget. For this reason, many people want the most affordable whole house fan possible, and this is certainly understandable.

In this case, we have to admit that there are many DIY fans that have a much smaller initial price than our whole house fans for ventilation. You can find many cheap products, or you can piece together your own DIY house fan out of parts and materials that you buy on a discount and install in the attic. Our whole house fans focus on high performance and there are many DIY products that come with a cheap price.
Winner: DIY

Long-Term Value

While the initial price for a DIY whole house fan is certainly cheap, if you are looking for long-term value, an Oransi whole house fan for your home and attic is a better option for many. Yes, it will likely cost more when you make the purchase, but once you have the fan installed, it will be much more affordable in the long run.

Our whole house units were designed specifically to give you better efficiency. As we discussed above, our motor is more efficient than a leading competitor’s model, so you’ll know you’re getting an item that is more affordable in the long run.

To review, when both products were moving 2500 cubic-feet of air per minute (2,500 cfm), the Oransi fan brought power savings of 20.6%. When both were running at full speed (2500 cfm for Oransi, 2,907 CFM for competitor) the Oransi brought power savings of 44.1%. This means you’ll have far lower energy bills when summer comes around and you start using the whole house fan in your attic.
Winner: Oransi

Learn More About Our Efficient Whole House Fans

If you want to learn more about using whole house fans to cool your home, create ventilation, and reduce contaminants, contact the staff at Oransi today. We’ll help you understand the benefits of whole house fans in different climates so you can make the right choice for your household.