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Nursing Homes Can Access up to $3,000 in Funding to Purchase Air Purifiers

Nursing home facilities have a second chance at receiving up to $3000 in funding per facility to purchase air purifiers with applications for most states. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) is offering Civil Money Penalty (CMP) funding to nursing homes to protect indoor air quality in visitation areas. 

Reducing the Risk of COVID for Long-Term Care Visitation

Improving air quality will create a safe environment for residents to be able to have in-person visitors, something loved ones sorely missed during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic when visitation in long-term facilities was limited in order to protect vulnerable residents.

Since medical researchers discovered that COVID-19 is an airborne virus, the importance of healthy indoor air has never been more clear. Devices like air purifiers that clean the air of bacteria and virus particles with only  high efficiency air filters and a strong motor are essential in mitigating the spread of airborne illnesses like COVID in indoor spaces. 

CMS Funding for Air Purifiers

Nursing home facilities can receive up to $3,000 from this funding from CMS for air purifiers even if they received that amount in the first round of funding. Nursing homes should submit a CMP Reinvestment Application to the applicable state agency using this application.

This funding for air purifiers in nursing homes has to be used to purchase air purifiers or indoor fans, here is an FAQ about how these CMP funds from CMS can be used. The application template lays out exactly what the funding can and cannot be used for. It also asks the nursing home facility to list their information, requested amount, and breakdown of how the funds would be used

CMS Recommendations for Improving Air Quality and Ventilation

This 2022 round of CMP nursing home funding from CMS can be used to purchase portable air room cleaners that use HEPA filter based media rated H13 or H14. CMS recommends that every skilled nursing home facility improve air quality and ventilation with portable air purifiers in communal areas.

Oransi’s mod and mod jr. products fit the criteria for this nursing home funding. Here is a larger nursing home facility who uses our air purifiers. We are the leader in providing clean air with more than 5,000 sold to nursing homes this year. Oransi was also chosen by the Javits Center for their field hospital in the early days of COVID. 

Contact an Oransi expert today to help with filing for government funding and figure out the best solution for your needs!