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EJ120 vs Mod Air Purifier Comparison

Why Did You Make the mod?

Over the past decade, we have learned a lot about what goes into making a truly great air purifier. This has led to one of our air purifiers being rated #1 in an independent study conducted at Clemson University and another being chosen by the Javits Center’s temporary medical station in New York City during COVID-19.

Despite all that, we still felt there was room for improvement. So recently, we decided to take a seat to reflect and ask myself one important, business-defining question:

“If we were starting Oransi today — not in 2009, but in 2020 — and building a brand new air purifier with my team, how would we do it?”

We’ve emphasized innovation since we first opened our doors in 2009, so we knew we had to get to the bottom of this question. That meant teaming up with top engineers, scientists, and product designers, as well as asking customers what they felt was missing in their air purifiers.

Our goal was to combine the air purifying ability of a high-end, commercial air purifier like the EJ120 with elegant design and ease of use at a more affordable price point, especially for consumers and schools with tight budgets.


CADR Comparison

Model Smoke CADR Dust CADR Pollen CADR
EJ120 331 333 360
mod 338 337 412


Filter Efficiency for Nano-sized Particles

Model 0.02 microns 0.04 microns 0.10 microns 0.12 microns 0.125 microns
EJ120 99.8% 99.5% 99.8% 99.85% 99.86%
mod 99.4% 98.7% 99.4% 99.5% 99.6%

Both products carry the same 10 year warranty.


mod Overview

Sleek, contemporary design: Our American product design team went through dozens of different designs. But only one design felt less like a machine and more like part of the home. We knew we had a winner:

Simple controls: With mod, we reimagined what it meant to be simple and convenient.  We asked our engineers to build you the simplest display possible that allows you to utilize the variable speeds of the motor as opposed to having a limited number of fan speeds. Simply slide your finger across the display to dial into your specific fan speed:

Plus, the bottom of mod’s display features a filter replacement indicator that lets you know when you need to check or replace its filter.

High efficiency EC motor: With mod, we wanted us to take the best features of all of our air purifiers and put them in one beautifully designed package. Our high-end commercial air purifiers (the EJ120 and Erik 650A) use EC motors, which are high-efficiency motors that run quieter and save on energy costs. Naturally, we added this to mod.

Two layers of protection: The mod Air Purifier comes equipped with a real HEPA filter that is more than 99.97% effective against particles at least 0.3 microns in size (that’s over 160x smaller than the width of a human hair). In addition to the HEPA filter, mod has a layer of activated carbon, which filters out fine particulates and light odors.


Why is the mod Priced Lower than EJ120?

We proudly make the EJ120 in the US and most of the new products that we will introduce going forward will be made in the US. However, to maintain the performance while improving the design and lowering the price by more than 30% we needed to revisit all of the key costs.

For the EJ120 those are the metal housing, separate filters, shipping and assembly costs. With the mod we invested in tooling to automate the manufacturing of parts at the facility where it is assembled. This cuts out transportation costs in sourcing component since we make many of the parts at the factory or can get locally. The supply chains in the US are not set up to do this cost effectively so the mod is assembled in Shenzhen, China, the high-tech center adjacent to Hong Kong.

As a veteran owned business, we prefer made in USA as much as anyone else however the higher costs price some out of purchasing a higher-performance air purifier and the mod helps to fill this gap.

*The EJ air purifiers are retired as of January 2022. Oransi still offers filters for the EJ air purifiers and will still honor the 10 year warranty for anyone who has purchased an EJ model.