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Oransi's environmental footprint

As a leader in cleaning products and technologies we often benchmark ourselves against the leaders from other industries especially when it comes to evolving trends such as our environmental footprint. 

Oransi environment

Product Use

Energy Efficiency.
The greatest impact to our environment related to the use our products are in the energy usage associated with their operation. With that in mind, we are proud to report that we are now using the highest efficiency EC motors in our new air purifiers and that allows you to achieve up to 90% energy savings.


Material use.
We give you more cleaning power with less material. A minimalistic design on the filter coupled with an innovative fan design allows our filters to be up to 50% thinner than comparable air purifiers.

Toxic substance removal.
Designing green products includes considering the environmental impact of the materials used to make them. From the plastic and electronics in our products to the paper in our packaging, our goal is to continue to lead our industry in eliminating environmentally harmful substances.

We are proud to state that our Oransi air purifiers are certified to meet the RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) standards. RoHS is a new standard that is being implemented in Europe and restricts the usage of lead, mercury and cadmium in electrical products. Consistent with our philosophy, Oransi is not waiting for legislation in the US to ban these substances.

Responsible manufacturing.
Unlike nearly all of the other brands we are now starting to manufacture in the USA. In doing so we are committed to ensuring that working conditions in our production facilities are safe, workers are treated with respect and dignity, and manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible.


More efficient.
With minimal movement of product and a centralized distribution center we move products to you with as few steps and fuel/energy usage possible.


No commute program.
As the leader in environmental responsibility, Oransi is the only company in our space that encourages it's employees to work from home. In fact we take it much farther than that. All of our sales and customer service team members work from their homes eliminating the need for lengthy and expensive commutes back and forth. When you multiply the reductions in emissions and gas usage by the number of agents, you can truly start to see the impact a home-based team can have on the environment.

Here is an example of the impact to our environment with just 50 people:

Number of People: 50
Average Round Trip Commute: 30 Miles
Total Yearly Reduction in Vehicle Miles Traveled: 547,500 Miles
Total Yearly Reduction in Air Pollution: 465,543 Pounds
Total Yearly Reduction in Gasoline Usage: 26,071 Gallons