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How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

We all want to save money with lower electricity costs and with advances in motor technology you can save 40% to 90% on your bill.  Most motors use AC technology that was developed in the 1800’s and are very inexpensive to produce.  However they tend to be very inefficient so while you save on up front costs you pay for it later through higher energy bills.

The newest and most energy efficient motor technology is called EC, for electrically commutated.  An EC motor uses electronics to convert the AC power to DC to run the motor more efficiently.  With advances in computer and software technology, EC motors operate as a mini computer to also offer great reliability in addition to much higher efficiencies.

If you’re getting a new energy efficient central AC system for your home chances are that you are getting an EC motor.  The same goes with our line of Erik air purifiers where against our closest competitors you will use up to 90% less energy.

Where you live matters.

Electricity Costs by State

The average cost of electricity is 11.74 cents per KWH (kilo watt hour) however it varies widely by region.  If you live in the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, California, Alaska or Hawaii you pay more and in some cases much more than the national average.  This is due to some interesting factors that come into play:  weather, coal and natural gas prices, power plan outages, snow pack and stream flow for hydropower.

How electricity is generated.

Electricity Power Source

The largest source of electricity in the US is from coal.  Yup, coal.  The good news is that renewables are the fastest growing source with 177% growth over the past 10 years.

So, if you live in a region with high energy costs or are looking to reduce your consumption of fuels such as coal will you consider an AC vs EC motor?