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Latest Store Opening – Xi’an China

We are pleased to announce that on Sept 30 the Oransi air purifier store was ceremoniously opened at the largest high-end department store(Wangfujing) in Xi’an, China.

There are two points that Americans may find interesting.  1.  To put this in perspective, Xi’an has a larger population than New York City.  2. Department stores in China operate differently than they do in the US.  In China they function more like landlords renting out space whereas in the US the stores have buyers and act more like a distributor/retailer.

We are thrilled to have our products for sale at such a prestigious store and to have another retail outlet in China for our products and would like to thank MarineVision & Danae and her team.

Oransi Store Ceremony

Oransi Store opening 2

Oransi Xi'an store

Oransi Wangfujing store Xi'an

Oransi Xi'an China

Oransi Xi'an China store

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