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Meet the brand new mod jr. air purifier!


All of the award-winning design of the mod, now with a smaller footprint and smaller price tag. 

Trustworthy Performance for Mid to Large-Sized Rooms

Ideal for mid to large rooms, the mod jr. has the same powerful filtration as its parent purifier the mod.

mod jr. HEPA air purifier

The mod jr. relies on the industry’s safest, most reliable technology for cleaning your air. Just like the larger mod, it features a MERV17 filter. This means it can capture the smallest nanoparticles contaminating your air. 

Proven Purification Technology, No Harmful Byproducts

That means no harmful byproducts are released as it cleans — unlike how ionization and UV-C purification can add harmful indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde and ozone to your air when trying to clean it. 

Perfect for living rooms, nurseries, office spaces, classrooms, conference rooms, and any other space where air quality is a concern, the mod jr. cleans 99.6% of virus-sized particles and airborne particulates from 878 square feet two times per hour. That’s also 1,758 square feet per hour. 

That comes out to $0.22 per square foot of clean air in just one hour of use. For an eight hour workday, that drops to $0.028 per square foot of clean air. 

Whisper Quiet Protection Against Invisible Pollutants

mod jr HEPA air purifier

The mod jr.'s quiet filtration removes allergens, dust, bacteria, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, smoke, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are leaked into the air from chemicals and off-gassing.

It can provide relief from asthma, seasonal allergies, COPD, and other respiratory issues that can impact your quality of life.  

The mod jr. boasts a touchscreen interface that’s simple to use, set, and forget.

With it’s EC motor, it also uses 90% less energy than similar air purifiers. ENERGY STAR® certified, it will quietly do its job, without impacting your conversation volume or energy costs.

Enjoy a fresh breath of air with the mod jr. quietly cleaning your space.