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5 Reasons Why You Need An Air Purifier In The Winter

Air purifiers are a great purchase year-round, but they arguably help the most in the winter months. Air purifiers work to clean your indoor air throughout the entire year, but air pollution is worse in the winter meaning your quality of air is worse in the colder months.

Between being indoors more, running the heater often, and being at a higher risk of contracting airborne illnesses it’s important to have an air purifier running in your home and office during the winter. Purchase an air purifier today to fight the winter blues!

Ambient air quality is worse in the winter and air purifiers help maintain healthy indoor air quality. 

ambient air quality is worse in the winter: photo of shoveling snow and family inside during winterAir pollution is worse in the winter making it more crucial to clean your indoor air and maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Air purifiers even help with dry skin in the winter. Air pollution negatively affects your skin and is a factor in both aging and drying skin. An air purifier along with a humidifier and a proper moisturizing routine should help to get rid of dry and cracked skin caused by the cold winter air.

Air purifiers help clean excess dust created from turning on your heater.

Heaters create excess dust in the winter: two side by side photos cleaning heaters and dustOur heaters sit dormant most of the year because we don’t have to turn them on to feel comfortable indoors. We often find ourselves turning on the heater quickly once the colder months of winter come along.

We want to feel warm and cozy inside once the freezing weather starts, but it’s difficult to be comfortable with the increased dust from our dormant heaters. Air purifiers lend a helping hand in cleaning the airborne dust in your home.

Everyone is inside more often in the winter making indoor air quality more important. 

 Everyone is inside in the winter producing more VOCs and diminishing indoor air quality: dog sleeping by fire and reading by candlelight Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are worse in the winter because everyone is active indoors more often. VOCs can cause negative side effects like throat and nose irritation that can even lead to difficulties breathing. 

VOCs can be found all around the house including when indoor fireplaces or scented candles are burned. Maybe rethink your favorite candles or lighting up the fireplace and opt for a soy or wax candle and a blanket instead. The ambient outdoor air pollution being worse in the winter and everyone being inside makes cleaning the indoor air of your home even more important.

Air purifiers can help mitigate exposure to diseases in the winter.

Airborne viruses are spread in the winter: side by side of mother and daughter reading and woman feeling sick Everyone’s inside sniffling and sneezing. You’re all trying to stay healthy, enjoy winter break and make sure you can go to work or school, but it’s difficult when viruses are being passed back and forth between everyone in the home.  

Air purifiers can help mitigate the spread of airborne illnesses, which is a benefit year round, but it is most crucial during the winter.  


Air purifiers provide winter allergy symptom relief. 

Winter allergies including bird dander Most people think allergies are only bad in the spring or fall, but winter allergies are just as awful and symptom inducing as any other season.

Whether your allergies are brought on by increased pollutants in the ambient winter air or increased indoor pollutants like pet dander or dust, an air purifier will help you avoid the sniffling, sneezing and frustrating symptoms of winter allergies.