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7 Ways To Improve Productivity

Everyone wants to feel productive both at work and in their personal lives, but the need to be productive can easily turn into a stressful situation. Productivity doesn’t have to be stressful and there are several small changes you can make to your daily routine to ensure you’re both more productive and less stressed.

Pushing yourself or employees to be more productive typically doesn’t work and only results in stress and anxiety for all parties. Instead, try some of these suggestions to improve workplace productivity.

Improve your mental health. 

side by side photo of two women breathing and drinking coffee

What are the risks of neglecting problems caused by work-related stress? Physical and physiological stressors at work can lead to increased risk of anxiety and depression. Work-related stress can also lead to physical side effects like high blood pressure.

Common mental health problems can impact productivity, and it’s crucial not to get too caught up in the work you are, or are not, getting done. Self-care is important and taking time to check in with your mental health, make sure you’re not stretching yourself too thin, and asking for help when you need it will help to keep your mental health positive. Paying attention to your mental health will also help your productivity and ability to get things done.

Improve your workspace. 

side by side photo of two employees at computers

Employees should have control over their own workspace whether they’re working in an office environment or they’re working from home. It’s important to have a comfortable and ergonomic workspace for both mental and physical wellness.

An ergonomic workspace can help your productivity as you’ll feel better while working. Little issues tend to build up, and the stress of having neck, back, or forearm pain is detrimental to your productivity both in and outside of working hours.

Improve your workplace. 

barista and office employees working together

Employers have more control over the workplace and should always be looking for ways to improve the lives of their employees. Investing in your employees and their well-being is one of the most effective ways to raise productivity.

Your employees are truly the backbone of the company and often are the ones who keep the business running. Therefore, their workplace should benefit them the most both in a physical and mental sense.

Listen to your employees’ needs and make updates to your workplace to better benefit the employee, each employee and workplace has different needs, but here are some ideas to start building a better working environment:

  1. Ordering new ergonomic equipment. Something as simple as updating work equipment to meet each individual employee's needs can make a huge difference.
  2. Having a specific job description. An unclear job description can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress for an employee who just wants to succeed. 
  3. Allowing employees to take time off when they need while being supportive and understanding whether they’re taking time off for illness or just for a much needed break. They will return refreshed and more productive. 

Employees will appreciate thoughtful updates to your company’s workplace that take their needs into account over top-down updates. 

Take breaks throughout the work day. 

listening to music and drinking coffee while on break

Taking breaks throughout the day might seem like it would hinder your productivity, but it actually has been proven to help your overall productivity. It’s okay to take breaks throughout the day to refill your coffee or walk around the office and check in with co-workers or pet the dog if you work from home. 

Set realistic goals for yourself. Try to find a balance between challenging yourself at work and not constantly going at full speed. Running at full speed all day every day will eventually lead to burnout, which is another reason why it’s important to take breaks throughout the work day to avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with subscribing to the unhealthy hustle culture.

Exercise and hydrate throughout your work day. 

employees at standing desks

For those who primarily sit while working it’s important to move around throughout the work day. Something as simple as walking around the office or standing and stretching while working at a computer will help to offset the sedentary lifestyle.

The opposite is true for those with jobs where they’re on their feet all day. It’s important to have breaks where you’re able to rest and not stand for the entire day. It’s crucial to stay hydrated for both your physical and mental health. 

Get out of the house everyday. 

reading and taking a walk outside

While the weather might not always be cooperative, it’s beneficial to get outside everyday even if it’s just walking outside for a minute or taking the dog out for a walk.

The smallest amount of outdoor activity whether you work from home or from an office can help your overall health and maintain productivity throughout the work day. Breathing fresh air away from your laptop or work can help clear your mind if you start to turn your wheels and are stuck on a particularly complex work problem. It’s also important for your health to get sunlight and Vitamin D while outside.

Clean your indoor air pollution with an air purifier. 

Oransi mod air purifiers

Indoor air pollution negatively affects productivity. Having clean indoor air is a surprisingly proven way to increase your productivity. Indoor air pollution can cause headaches, worsen allergies, and worsen respiratory issues like asthma making it more difficult to focus.

Struggling to work  through watering eyes or a runny nose caused by allergies or trying to be productive through an asthma attack is completely detrimental and harmful to anyone’s day. Not to mention cleaning the air of your office will help mitigate spreading airborne illnesses. It’s important to clean your indoor air so everyone can breathe more easily and be healthier both physically and mentally.