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Fall Allergies: Find Relief From The Four Key Allergens

For most people, fall is one of the more welcomed seasons of the year, offering cooler temperatures and putting kids back in school. Yet, for most allergy sufferers, the autumn air encourages more allergy triggers and provokes symptoms for many.

To help you learn about the most harmful allergens this fall season and how to relieve your allergies, we highlight the four key fall allergies below.

Relief from Fall Allergies

Fall is a season to enjoy, not dread. Seasonal allergies exist throughout the entire year, but that doesn't mean we can't mitigate fall allergy symptoms. There are several options from allergy shots, taking allergy medication, and immunotherapy to tracking the pollen count in your area and cleaning your indoor air. Read on to learn more about fall allergy relief and breathe easier all season long. 


Ragweed Allergies

What Is Ragweed?

During the Fall allergy season, ragweed flourishes. People with allergies, on the other hand, do not. Although these flowering yellow plants are mostly regulated to rural areas throughout the country, they emit billions of pollen spores into the air. This means the symptoms never let up for allergy sufferers. The peak seasonality for these Ambrosia-based allergens is typically in spring and fall. Common symptoms include sniffling & sneezing, runny nose and itchy throat.

How To Get Rid Of Ragweed Allergies?

– Avoid Outside Air: Easier said than done, but key to avoiding airborne Ragweed spores, which are prominent outdoors.

– Keep Windows Closed: Ragweed allergens are worst outdoors.  Keep your home/office/car windows closed if you don’t want to breathe them in.

– Regularly Clean Floor & Carpeting: Since ragweed spores burrow into carpeting and collect on floors, keeping them clean is a must.

– Wash Pets Thoroughly: Their fur absorbs ragweed pollen from the outdoor air, so make sure to wash their coats more often than not.

– Coat in a Closet: Another place ragweed spores cling is coats,  so place yours in a closet immediately after wearing.

– Use an Air Purifier: Depending on the unit, Oransi air purifiers remove airborne allergens, including pollen spores from ragweed.

Pet Dander Allergies

What Is Pet Dander?

Pets. We love them, but could really do without all that dander, right? Despite their cuteness, house pets like cats, dogs, birds and rodents are typically shedding dead skin, year round. However, due to heightened allergy sensitivities during fall, humans allergic to the proteins in those animals are especially  susceptible to coughing, red eyes, sneezing, runny & itchy nose.

How To Get Rid Of Pet Dander?

Wash Pets Thoroughly: Their fur is an allergy magnet. To fully remove their flaking skin and other airborne allergens that landed on their coat, bathing your pets more frequently will prevent increased allergy symptoms.

– Keep Animals Off Furniture: Keeping your pets off couches and beds will ensure they don’t spread dander in the places you spend most of your time.

Use an Air Purifier: Every one of Oransi’s air purifiers effectively removes airborne pet dander, depending on the unit. The mod removes most pet odors, as well.

Dust Mites

What Are Dust Mites?

If clumps of dust collecting in the crevices of your home wasn’t bad enough, consider the fact there are millions of microscopic bugs creeping through that dust.

Since those itty bitty mites feed off dead skin and human hair, they’re attracted to dust and ultimately trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Since fall allergy season encourages more indoor HVAC use, which blows dust around the house, sensitivity towards dust mites ramps up during the cold weather season. According to WebMD, people “probably shed enough skin a day to feed a million dust mites.”

How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites?

– Regularly Sweep & Clean Floors: Staying on top of sweeping prevents dust from collecting and dust mites from settling in and triggering allergy symptoms.

– Clean Your Bedding: Dust mites love dead skin and your pillows and bed sheets absorb lots of dead skin. Keep them clean to prevent allergic reactions from places you spend your most time.

– Use an Air Purifier: Each of our air purifiers specializes in removing dust from the air, absorbing airborne particles and preventing dust mites from ever settling in.


What Is Mold?

Depending on the climate, mold can grow everywhere. However, in the damp fall allergy weather, allergic reactions to mold spores are worse than ever. In these colder months, moisture proliferates in homes and triggers hubs of mold, in places like basement walls, damp carpets and bathroom ceilings.

Although many people can visually see the mold, they may not realize that black mold growth is actually triggering allergy symptoms like coughing, itchy eyes and stuffy nose. Furthermore, while fall sees heightened mold sensitivities, the spore-based fungus can grow year round and seriously hinder a healthy lifestyle.

How To Get Rid Of Mold?

– Inspect House Thoroughly: Since mold grows anywhere moisture is present, homeowners need to do a thorough check around their residence, digging into crawl spaces, basements and ceiling tiles.

– Flood Damage: If flooding occurs in your home, everything affected by the water needs to be wiped down thoroughly or removed altogether, if wet to the core. Otherwise, once said area dries, mold will grow rapidly and turn any item in that vicinity into a long-term allergy trigger. If water raises high enough, removing pieces of drywall could be necessary, to prevent mold growth inside walls.

– Scrub Walls Clean: Rooms that incur more humidity than most – like bathrooms or basements – will inevitably grow mold quicker than others. To prevent mold from overtaking walls, scrub them clean at the first sight of growth.

– Reduce Humidity: In the same areas listed above, make sure to keep windows open, if possible, which will prevent moisture build-up and residual mold.

– Use an Air Purifier: Yes, we listed this as a solution to every key fall allergen. Truth is, all of our purifiers are ideal for providing relief from fall allergies, especially mold. Our advanced filter technology will remove mold spores from the air before settling in your home.