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Oransi Air Purifiers Naturally Relieve Allergies

No one wants to struggle with the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes that come with seasonal allergies. There are several things we can do to mitigate allergy symptoms, but some of them aren’t as effective or as natural as we’d like. 

Natural approaches to helping allergy symptoms include staying indoors on windy days, eating anti-inflammatory foods, or rinsing your sinuses. But, one of the easiest and most effective ways to control allergies is to run an air purifier with a high efficiency air filter and a strong motor indoors. 


Potential Household Allergens Causing Your Allergies

We all know about outdoor allergens like grass, tree pollen, and weed pollen that can cause allergy symptoms, but there’s a lot lurking indoors as well. 

Dust, mold, gas stove emissions, and pet dander are all indoor air pollutants that originate indoors and can cause allergy symptoms. There are several natural approaches to control indoor allergens including dusting regularly, checking for mold, hiring professionals for mold removal, and switching out your gas stove for an electric stove. 

Outdoor air pollutants can easily seep into your home and wreak havoc on your indoor air quality as well. Pollen originates outside but can get indoors by sticking to clothes or blowing in from open windows. Smoke is another issue that is becoming more common with longer and more intense wildfire seasons. 

Keeping allergens out of your home for good might not be possible, but there are multiple ways to make sure your home isn’t contributing to allergy symptoms. Thankfully, an Oransi purifier only uses high efficiency air filters and a strong motor so they can naturally mitigate both indoor and outdoor pollutants that sneak indoors. The best way to keep your home clean of indoor air pollutants is to clean your air with air purifiers. But, there are purifiers that aren’t natural and can potentially be more dangerous than the pollutants themselves. 


The Best Air Purifier for Allergies

Air purifiers with  high efficiency air filters and a strong motor are the proven air cleaning method for removing allergens from the air. And this kind of air cleaning relies on natural materials. The most basic way it works is that a quality motor pulls air from the room through a filter. 

The motor pulls in dirty indoor air, the combination  high efficiency air filter filters out particles, and then clean air is pushed back into the room. Running an air purifier in your home will filter out any allergens in the indoor air like pollen, dust, or mold spores. 

Running an air purifier all day and all night is the best approach to maintaining a clean home. Running an air purifier at night is particularly a good idea because some people find it more difficult to sleep at night when their allergies are acting up.  

The Oransi Mod+ has 12 fan settings which means you can run it at a lower, quieter speed and still achieve good airflow. The Mod+ also has less blue light on the touchscreen so if you’re a light sleeper, your purifier shouldn’t wake you up in the middle of the night. 

Another important factor to keep in mind is where to place your air purifier for maximum clean air. Choosing a flat and sturdy surface ensures the purifier stays put and doesn’t fall. Making sure there are no obstructions like a fluffy rug or furniture in the way is also important for unobstructed airflow. 


What Makes Oransi Air Purifiers Natural?

Oransi air purifiers don’t introduce any new pollution into your home. Many purifiers still generate ozone, a pollutant known to irritate the lungs. It’s especially hazardous for the young, elderly, and medically vulnerable. This hazardous byproduct comes from ionizers on air purifiers and while it makes a room smell like it’s clean, it should be avoided. 

Why would you ever introduce a dangerous pollutant into your home when that’s exactly what you’re trying to get rid of in the first place? We know you’re wanting a healthy solution to your air cleaning, not the smell of clean air. That’s why at Oransi we don’t use this dangerous and outdated technology. 

Oransi’s air purifiers only remove airborne particles with our filters and motors. Our Mod and AirMend air purifiers take in dirty air, filter out particles like pollen, and release clean air back into your home.

That’s it. No other potentially harmful technology that creates new problems for you to worry about. Oransi air purifiers are a natural, set it and forget it solution as allergy season is becoming longer and more severe. 

Reach out to our US-based customer service team if you have any further questions about creating naturally healthy indoor air quality.