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Why You Need An Air Purifier During Cold And Flu Season

Cold and flu season is here. From the sniffling and sneezing to the chills and fevers, it seems as if illness is everywhere and lingering for longer. Winter and cold weather tend to make any kind of illness worse, with even simple cold symptoms like coughing harder to fight off.

Aside from obvious precautions like regular hand washing, avoiding others who have symptoms, and avoiding large gatherings when possible, there are other ways to control the spread of germs as everyone spends more time inside.

Here's how an air purifier can be your #1 weapon against getting sick this winter.

Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Lead To More Frequent And More Severe Respiratory Viruses, Common Colds, And Flu

How do indoor air pollutants impact illness? Chronic exposure to air pollution negatively affects the frequency and severity of serious respiratory illnesses like COVID. The air pollution exacerbates can lead to worse symptoms that last longer illness and as well as more complications down the road.

If you have poor indoor air quality, it allows the virus to spread more easily throughout the household. Poor indoor air quality also makes it more difficult for those who are sick to get better and easier for them to be reinfected. 

Now compare this to a healthy indoor environment that can actually help minimize symptoms and lessen the spread of an airborne virus with the right ventilation and air flow. 

Clean and healthy air is always important, but it becomes crucial with respiratory viruses that spread through droplets in the air. Whether it’s a temporary infection or a chronic respiratory illness like asthma, the simple act of breathing can become difficult due to a respiratory infection.

Airborne allergens and airborne germs pollute indoor air and tend to stay longer in the more dense, colder air of winter. It’s important to clean your indoor air of these harmful particles with the help of air purifiers to create the healthiest air environment possible.

Remember, just because your HVAC is running, doesn't mean it's giving you proper air flow. Those filters aren't designed to remove virus particles from the air. 

How can good air quality help to prevent colds and flus? Running an air purifier helps to filter out all the particles in the air that lead to viruses, common colds, and the flu. If indoor air isn't properly being cleaned of these particles, it’s more likely everyone in the household will become sick or become reinfected.

Consider running an air purifier as part of your cold and flu prevention routine. Running an air purifier with a high efficiency air filter and a strong motor like Oransi’s mod+ is an easy way to help fight cold and flu season every year that's as simple as plugging it in and turning it on. 

How The Right Air Purifier Can Work To Combat Cold And Flu Season

Everyone needs an air purifier during cold and flu season, but it’s most important for those who are at high risk for flu complications whether due to age or chronic health conditions.

So how do they protect us? 

Air purifiers help to remove bad bacteria and airborne viruses from your indoor living area. Air purifiers draw in air within its square foot coverage, filter out airborne particles, and then circulate clean air back into your indoor living space.

Getting your room size right when choosing an air purifier is key to finding the best clean for your home. One that's to small will work hard to keep up — it's like boiling the ocean. One that's too large might be more expensive than what you truly need to get a good clean home. 

The build-up of dust in your home during the winter is one of the major contributors to colds, flus, and winter allergies. It’s important to clean your home of dust that accumulates during cold and flu season. Air purifiers can help significantly with dust build up, that said some surface cleaning is still required.

You can combat cold and flu season by combining an air purifier, which helps to filter out airborne particles that cause everyone to get sick, with other best health practices.


How To Choose The Right Air Purifier For This Cold And Flu Season

There are countless reasons why you should make sure your home has the best indoor air quality possible. Running air purifiers helps to control airborne viruses from spreading and can help other winter issues from cold-induced asthma to reducing dust and dust mites.

It’s always a good idea to research your air purifier purchase in order to find the right fit for keeping your home clean. Oransi has a helpful tool to assist you in making this decision so you don't end up paying for more than you need.

Air purifiers can help whether your biggest concern is airborne viruses, dust, asthma, or even, and believe it or not it is around the corner, pollen season.

An air purifier should be part of your yearly flu prevention routine during cold and flu season. You can’t go wrong with an Oransi air purifier purchase as it’s sure to help you breathe easy this cold and flu season.