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10 Reasons Everyone Needs An Air Purifier

Health.  It’s the most important aspect of our lives. Growing research has shown that adding air purifiers can make a huge positive difference to your health and quality of life. Whether it’s preventing heart disease or helping students at school, air purifiers that maintain healthy indoor air quality by providing cleaner air play an important role.  

1.  Allergies – Seasonal allergies are commonly triggered from ragweed allergies, fall allergies and spring allergies.  Yes, the stuffiness and discomfort is annoying.  Many of us use medication.  A growing trend is to clean the air of allergens with an air purifier.  This non-invasive approach is becoming more popular as medicines tend to lose their effectiveness over time and clean air can mitigate allergy symptoms.


2.  Asthma – Asthma rates in children are increasing.  In fact, 1 in 11 now have some form of asthma. Part of this increase is due to a strong link between allergies and asthma.  Other asthma sources are related to smoke and air pollution.  Steroids or other medications are commonly prescribed to help control asthma. But controlling asthma requires multiple methods and air purifiers for asthma can have great results.


3.  Babies and Children – Many children are born with ailments like allergies and asthma. Others develop them over time. Having an air purifier in your home for preventative health measures ensures your most important family members aren’t breathing polluted air that could affect them long term or give consistent bouts of cold and flu.

 children, asthma inhaler, and dust

4.  Chemicals/VOCs – Better known as Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs are chemical gasses emitted from building materials, cleaning supplies, pesticides, office and adhesives. Many people inhale them regularly without realizing the long-term breathing problems that come as a result.

Anyone who works or lives in situations where VOCs are present should strongly consider an air purifier with carbon-based filters.  The carbon can absorb the chemical pollutants and airborne particles much more effectively than any other air purifier technology.


5.  Household Dust – Everyone battles dust. However, those of us who live in areas with high humidity are regularly hit with more unwanted dust than most.  This dust is filled with particles like pet dander, mold spores, insect parts and dust mites.

To counteract those airborne agitators and stop triggering allergic symptoms like runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes, consider using an air purifier for dust in areas where dust is prevalent.


6.  MCS – Anyone who has been exposed to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity knows the chronic medical condition is commonly associated with regular exposure to plastics, pesticides, petroleum products, paint fumes and various scented or synthetic products. Typical symptoms of MCS are nausea, fatigue, dizziness and unforeseen inflammation.  All of which are common problems many people wouldn’t be able to track back to any specific ailment.

Yet, if you live near a high-chemical area like a gas station or major road you could very well be susceptible to MCS and should consider using an air purifier with a carbon-based filter to provide relief. You can't control your outdoor air, but you can clean your indoor air with air purifiers. 

 musty smells, flowers with pollen, dog dander allergy

7.  Musty Smells & Odors – Unwanted odors can arise in countless ways. Yet, instead of continually buying air fresheners and lighting candles to cover an odor, which can actually worsen indoor air quality, you should use an air purifier with an activated carbon filter.  Carbon adsorbs unwanted odors so you can breathe easier.


8.  Pet Dander – No matter the season, pets like cats, dogs, and birds are either shedding their hair or losing old, dry skin throughout our homes. Then, our HVAC systems blow that pet dander throughout our homes and into our lungs. Your HVAC system control your air conditioning and heating, but air purifiers will clean your indoor air. Using a portable air purifier in common pet areas will capture the pet dander before it enters your immune system.


9.  Pollen – Pollen, while critical in nature for grasses, plants and trees can trigger your allergies.  The best way to get relief is to avoid your contact with pollen.  This means when you come inside wash your face, brush your hair, take off your shoes and consider changing your clothes.  To help you feel better inside also use an air purifier especially in the bedroom. As you lay down to sleep, pollen can cause congestion.  When fresh air is full of pollen, an air purifier will help to clean the pollen from the indoor air so you can sleep more comfortably.


10.  Cigarette and Wildfire Smoke – Need to remove cigarette smoke from your home?  Or live in an area with wildfires? All kinds of smoke are difficult airborne pollutants to remove since it contains hundreds of gases and particulates so it requires a high level air purifier. To effectively remove smoke add you'll need a high efficiency air filter, a strong motor, and carbon-based filters in your air purifier for your home.


Now that you’re aware of the common ailments air purifiers can provide relief for, see our Help Me Choose Wizard to help find the best air purifier for you. Our intuitive Wizard will select the ideal air purifiers for your concerns and get your breathing easier.