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Air Purifier Review Comparison

These are all top air purifiers and we hope that this comparison helps to highlight a few of the areas where we are different. 

Air Purifier  Noise Level dBA (low)

Filter Costs

Oransi Mod+
3 Years
Oransi Mod
3 Years
Oransi Mod Jr.
10 Years
Molekule Air Pro PECO
2 Years
Levoit H134 Tower Pro
≤ 54
2 Years
BlueAir Pro L
1 Year

*Note: information taken from manufacturer's site or Amazon 

Why go with an air purifier with a high efficiency air filters and a strong motor?

The only proven safe air cleaning method is high efficiency air filters and a strong motor. This combination will only remove particles from your air and will not add any potentially harmful byproducts like ozone to your indoor air. If you suffer from allergies or asthma this air purifier is the best choice to clean the air since its filtration is designed to remove the smallest particles that trigger an allergic reaction. 

One of the key aspects of air cleaning is to not introduce a pollutant such as ozone that exists in some other air purification technologies like ionic air purifiers. Oransi air purifiers are a natural way of cleaning your indoor air because our products only use high quality motors and high efficiency air filters to pull in polluted air and push back clean air into your home.

Noise Level, Filter Replacement, and CADR Considerations

Noise level can be subjective and some people like the white noise and can't sleep without it while others can only sleep in a silent room. It's best to look for a purifier that has several fan speeds, Oransi Mod purifiers have 12 settings, so you can still run the purifier on a lower speed without sacrificing air flow and air cleaning performance. 

Filter replacement costs are another concern when purchasing an air purifier. You'll want to consider the brand's recommendation for when to replace filters. Some brands suggest every 6 months while others say the filter should last longer for example Oransi's filters last 12 months. Factoring filter replacement costs into your purifier purchase is essential because a purifier with a dirty filter is going to cause more harm than good. 

CADR is an important statistic when looking for an air purifier. A purifier's CADR measures the purifier's ability to clean air in a given space. It's listed on the ENERGY STAR website and is independently tested by independent labs, not the company. Some air purifiers aren't listed on the ENERGY STAR website and don't share their CADR stat, which makes it more difficult to understand the product's air cleaning ability. Check out our extensive air purifier price vs performance comparison page that compares and contrasts popular air purifier brands by price, noise, filter costs, CADR, and more.