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How To Clean Your Air Purifier

In order to have clean, healthy air in your home, you have to know how to clean your air purifier and how to clean your air purifier filter. Before getting started, feel free to also check out our air purifier beginner's guide.

If you don't take the necessary steps to clean your system, your system won't purify air properly.

A blocked-up filter can result in smelly air, more dust, and even severe allergies. After all, the filters are what trap all of the harmful particles in the air.

Some air filters come with single-use filters, while others come with filters that you can simply wash and replace. Regardless of what kind of air purification system you own, we'll tell you how to clean them below.

Here are the steps to take if your air purifier needs cleaning.

*Note: Most filters will alert you when it's time to clean them!

Step 1: Be sure to unplug your purification system

Before getting started, be sure to unplug your air filter.

Step 2: Use a soft brush to clean the vents

With a lot of use, your air purifier likely has some buildup on the vents. You can use a soft cloth or a soft brush to clean these parts. If you remove the front grill of your air purifier (which is the next step) and find that it's extra dirty, you can feel free to wash this plastic piece with warm soap and water.

Step 3: Remove the front grill or bottom to gain access to the filter

You should always consult your owner's manual before taking apart or cleaning your air purifier. To access the filter on the inside of your purifier, you'll have to remove the front grill or unlock and turn the bottom of the device like on the mod or mod jr. This is usually pretty easy and can be done within seconds with no tools. (There will typically be an easy-remove tab).

Step 4: Determine how to specifically clean the filter of your air purifier from the user manual

If your filters are made for one-time use and your device is indicating you need to replace your filter, you'll want to remove them and throw them away. Then, replace them with new filters.

If the device is not warning you to change the filter yet it's still a good idea to clean with a soft towel or vacuum the filter every few months for longer filter life.

As part of learning how to clean air purifier filter, read your manual to determine the safest method to clean your filters.

The state of your filters will also depend on the room size and the quality of air. If you run your purifier in an area of your home that is particularly dirty, you will find your filter to be darker and more full of dust. This may also require you to clean and replace your filters more often.

Step 5: Replace your filters and the grill

After cleaning your filters, place them back into your system and attach your grill back to the front of your air filter.

Step 6: Wipe down the exterior of your air purifier

To finish the job, and with your machine still unplugged, use a soft cloth to wipe down the exterior of your air purifier if the surface allows, dusting with a dry cloth is better on an exterior like the Oransi mod or mod jr. And there you have it — a clean air purifier!

Step 7: Buy new filters for next time

Now that you know how to clean your air purifier and have done so successfully, it's time to prepare for next time! If your machine tells you to replace your filters every other cleaning period, be sure to order new filters. This will allow you to clean your air purifier without pause next time — since you'll already have clean filters on hand.

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