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OV200 Air Purifier

Cleans 400 sq ft (3 times per hour)
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Stylish design with small footprint is great for a bedroom. Tells you when it's time to check the filters and includes remote. HEPA and carbon filtration only - no ionizer or electronic device. Lightweight and easy to move.

  • Bedroom
  • Office
  • Small Basement
Effective For:
  • Dust,
  • Pollen,
  • Mold,
  • Pet Dander,
  • Allergies
  • Removes Allergies, Dust, Pollen, Mold, Pet Dander and Light Odors
  • Removes 99%+ of airborne allergens & particulates
  • Best for Bedroom, Office, Small Basement
  • HEPA and carbon filtration only - no ionizer or electronic device
  • Lightweight and Easy to Move
  • What's included: Air purifier with filters installed, remote control, User's Manual
  • Find the OV200 Replacement Filter.
  • View Technical Specs >

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Free Shipping On All Products
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10 Year Warranty On All Products
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Meet the OV200 Air Purifier

TThe OV200 Air Purifier is designed for small to medium sized rooms like a bedroom or office up to 400 sqft (20' x 20')

You get high-end air purifier performance and a shrewd buy that works with your budget in mind. Optimized to remove airborne dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, and other solid airborne particles.

The OV200 comes with 3 stages of air filtration. A combination pre-filter and HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to help with light odors. Lightweight, easy to move.

Note: The OV200 is assembled in China. If you require made in USA then consider the EJ120 model.

OV200 Air puirifier
Where to Use

Best for: Bedroom, Office, Living Room, Basement

Coverage Area

400 sq ft(20' x 20')

Effective For

Dust, Pollen, Mold, Pet Dander, Allergies

OV200 air purifier

There are 4 timer settings - 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours. The air purifier will turn off after the set time on the timer


3 Speed for Quiet Operation

Night Mode
Night Mode

This reduces the fan speed to the quietest level and turns off the air quality display

Kid Lock
Kid Lock

Pressing the Timer and Speed buttons at the same time or by the remote will lock the air purifier in its current state.

Technical Specs
Room Coverage:
Most sized rooms up to 400 sq feet
Max Air Flow (cfm) :
60 watts, 115V, 60Hz
HEPA Filter Life :
6-9 months
Main Filter Rating:
99%+ (MERV 16)
Carbon Filter life:
6-9 months
Fan Speeds:
3 plus auto mode
Power Usage (watts):
6 (speed 1), 22 (speed 2), 60 (speed 3)
10 lbs
13" x 23" x 7" (W x H x D)
10 Years
Noise Level (dB):
30 (speed 1), 40 (speed 2), 54 (speed 3)
CE, ETL, RoHS, California Air Resources Board (Model Number: OV200, EO#: G-17-016).
Where Made:
Assembled in China
Technical Specs
Easy to Use
  • Simple, intuitive controls with easy filter access.
  • Ready to use out of the box. Don't need a manual to operate the unit.
  • Best Filters: Rated best in independent study by Clemson University
  • Relieves Allergies, Pollen, Dust, Mold, Pet Dander and Light Odors
  • Removes 99%+ of airborne allergens & particulates
Great Value
  • Big savings when 2 or more are ordered plus free shipping
  • Low cost to operate, low power usage
  • Have confidence with 10 year warranty
  • Certified Ozone Safe by the State of California Air Resources Board
  • ETL certified safe
What's Included
OV200 air purifier

1 OV200 Air Purifier

1 Complete set of filters

User's Manual


Small Footprint and Modern Design

At only 7” deep, the OV200 can be placed against a wall so it doesn’t take up much space in your room. Attractive neutral color and cool contemporary design that will match any décor. A conversation piece that blends nicely with your room.

ov200 air purifier
3 Stage Filtration

The air first enters the pre-filter, then passes through the HEPA filter and then the activated carbon air filter. The OV200 does not use an ionizer or any other type of electronic filtering device. This is an important feature for anyone sensitive to low levels of ozone including asthma sufferers and bird owners.

ov200 air purifier

See What the OV200 Can Remove from Your Air in a Year

before after
Auto Mode

The built-in dust sensor will measure air quality levels and adjust the fan speed as needed to bring your room to a good (green) air quality. The sensor needs about 10 minutes to warm up to reach its maximum sensitivity. If you are sensitive to allergies we suggest running the air purifier on the highest fan speed where the noise is acceptable and not using the Auto mode.

OV200 air purifier
Air Quality Sensor

Measures and displays air quality in color codes in the upper left window on the front cover: green, yellow and red. The color corresponds to the particle count as measured by the air quality sensor. Note: Air quality sensors like this work in most environments however to set expectations this is not as accurate as the sensors you find in $1,000 laser particle counters.

air quality
Remote Control

Gives you added convenience with full control over the air purifier. There is a convenient remote holder above the carrying handle. Note: As a safety precaution keep the remote control away from children as you would any device that contains a battery.

Remote control
Filter Reset

Filter Reset

Electronic display alerts you when it is time to check the filters. Press for several seconds to reset light.



The OV200 operates quietly with 3 fan speeds for maximum air flow control.

night mode

Night Mode

Cycle through the fan speeds to get to Night Mode. This reduces the fan speed to the quietest level and turns off the air quality display. The blue lights on the top of the user interface will remain on but will be dimmed.



There are 4 timer settings - 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours. The air purifier will turn off after the set time on the timer.

How to Use

Always operate indoors, preferably on a level surface.

Set the fan speed to a noise level that is comfortable for you. In most cases you can run the air purifier on a very low fan speed setting so it is quiet. If you have a larger living area you may want to run it on a higher fan speed when you are not in the room and then run it on a low speed when you are present.

Filter Reset - to turn off the light press and hold the Filter Reset button. If it does not turn off, hold the button down and rotate your finger back and forth to hit the sweet spot to turn it off. It may be a little to the left of where you are pressing.

Placement- we suggest placing the air purifier in the room where you spend most of your time. For most this is a bedroom where the unit stays plugged in and runs 24/7 or whenever you are in the room.

Since the air is pulled in from the front and exits from the top, you can place anywhere in a room. Do not place where curtains or drapes can block the air intake.

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Get to Know Oransi and the Products We Build
Brands Using Oransi

Oransi air purifiers are used by some of the leading companies, medical centers, government organizations and universities. We are delighted to be able to provide clean air to so many quality organizations.

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Still Have Questions?

The OV200 Air Purifier is a high-performing product that is the result of over 1,000 engineering hours. Naturally, you may have some questions for us. Luckily, we have the answers.

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