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10 Reasons To Trust Oransi to Clean Your Air

Oransi believes air purifiers should be simple to use and reliable. They need to efficiently and effectively clean your indoor air while not introducing any hazardous byproducts like ozone. Air purifiers need to get the job done with as little time and effort as possible so you can go about enjoying your day while breathing easy. 

As allergy and asthma sufferers, we build products that can help anyone — whether you have a respiratory problem like COPD or asthma, suffer seasonal allergies, or just want to breathe easily in your home throughout the year.


1. We’re the Best Performance for Value

Discounts are gone in the blink of an eye. But when you need something in your home, you don’t want to wait for the right sale to start. Shopping for a new appliance shouldn’t be that stressful, but none of us want the buyer’s remorse that comes with paying a higher price unnecessarily. 

That’s why we’ve chosen to lower our prices all year round instead. While everything seems to be getting smaller and more expensive, we’ve lowered our prices by over 50% in 2023 to bring you the best-priced air purifier for performance so you can be confident in what you’re putting in your home. Our prices will continue to be as low as we can make them to pass on the savings to our customers. 

We want to respect your time and your finances. See how we compare to the competition using our independently sourced purifier vs price comparison page


2. We’re a Small Business Bringing Jobs Back to the US

We’ve been around since 2009 helping to improve your health with a simple, thoughtfully-engineered solution to cleaning your indoor air. 

Since then, we’ve grown thoughtfully, remaining true to our roots as a small business. We’re dedicated to treating both our employees and our customers with the respect and dedication they deserve. 

We’re also proud to be bringing jobs back to the United States with our manufacturing facility in Radford, Virginia. This way we can guarantee employees are treated well and paid a fair wage. And we can be in charge of the quality control of each product that is shipped. 


3. Our US Based Customer Service Team Is Easy to Talk to, in More Ways Than One

If you call our customer service team, you’ll quickly hear a friendly voice on the other end. If you use our chat feature, you’ll be connected to a member of our small US based team who can quickly answer your questions. 

Our customer service reps don’t work on commission so they won’t try to push you into a sale. If our air purifiers aren’t the best for your needs, we’ll recommend what’s right (even if it’s a competitor). The goal is to find the best solution for you.

Contacting customer service typically takes way too much time. Sometimes you don’t even get clear answers to the questions you had in the first place. We’ve experienced this ourselves, which is why we’ve built a Customer Service team that isn’t outsourced. They know our products inside and out. Some of our team have even been here since the very beginning in 2009. 


4. We’re Setting A New Standard for Transparency 

Air purifiers have become increasingly popular after COVID, an airborne illness spread by respiratory droplets. Unfortunately, it’s also still a widely unregulated industry so it can be difficult for consumers to be confident in their purchases. 

While regulations for air purifier claims may be coming soon, Oransi isn’t waiting on this to share important information with you. We believe transparency is key, and we’re backing that up by sharing our performance data and technical specs on each product page. 

Each product page has a list of things it’s effective for including dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, smoke particles, and light odors. Each product also has an ENERGY STAR® approved Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) that tells you if an air purifier is strong enough to clean your space. 

We’ll give you all the information (and more) you could need to make a confident decision that this air purifier is the right product for you. And just reach out to our Customer Service Team if you have any questions! 


5. An Easy to Use Warranty Where Your Purchase Is Your Proof 

Our warranty is easy to use if you ever need it. Your purchase is your proof and the process is simple. Our warranties vary by product, but they’re all longer than the average warranty for other leading brands. 

The goal here is that you’re satisfied with your product and if there’s an issue with your device then we’re here to help. We support the right to repair and will do our best to keep your device in good working order.


6. Simple to Use with No Costly Add-Ons

We understand that added technology in an air purifier is important to some. But, we won’t be adding any technology that doesn’t support an air purifier’s basic function: to clean your indoor air. These add-ons typically add to your cost as well, and it’s rare that they function the way you want or truly create a better experience or healthier air.

Most air purifier apps go unused after the initial novelty wears off. And air quality sensors don’t accurately measure your indoor air quality because they’re located right on the device where the cleaning happens, not throughout the room. 

Our focus is on how you truly use the product. We aim to design the best performing and simplest to use air purifier for the lowest price we can offer to customers. 


7. Designed with How You’ll Use the Product in Mind 

We test all of our products in real world situations and incorporate feedback from our customers. Our goal is to make air purifiers as easy to use as possible and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. 

We include features that help you move the product easily, like the handles on our Mod family of devices. There are also several fan settings available so you can efficiently clean your air without having to run your purifier at the highest, loudest setting (because we know very few people use that setting consistently no matter what brand they’ve bought). 

We’ve also included a dimmer touchscreen on the Mod+ so the blue light doesn’t disrupt light sleepers. And we’ve offered a neutral dark gray handle that fits with any decor. 


8. Easy to Replace Filters That Last

We don’t do expensive gotcha replacement filters. Oransi filters last 12 months and replacing them takes less time than it takes to brush your teeth. That’s compared to every 3-6 months for competitors, which really adds up across the life of the device. 

We also have a filter subscription program that offers filter replacements at an automated discounted price, so you don’t have to think about replacement filters at all. 

We’ve made keeping your air purifier working in tip top shape as easy as possible, so you can enjoy clean air for years to come.


9. Trusted By the Nation’s Leading Health Experts 

It’s sometimes difficult to tell if an air purifier is truly cleaning your air. Most of the time, polluted air is an invisible problem, so how do you know your purifier is doing the job? 

Trusting an air purifier that experts recommend and use themselves just makes sense. Oransi was chosen by the Javits Center’s emergency field hospital in New York at the beginning of COVID to mitigate the spread of the airborne virus. Oransi devices have also been seen on screen in the PBS documentary American Masters: Dr. Anthony Fauci inside the US government agency that oversees Allergies and Infectious Diseases


10. We’re Independently Tested; AHAM Verifide / ENERGY STAR® certified 

We’re proud to be ENERGY STAR® certified, CARB certified, and AHAM Verifide for performance, safety, and energy efficiency. These three certifications are voluntary and tested by independent labs to ensure accuracy. Any trustworthy company will back up their claims with these industry standard independent tests. 


Have more questions?

Contact us and our US based customer service team will be happy to help. We also wrote this air purifier guide if you want to dig in and learn more.