Replacement Filter for mod/mod+ Air Purifier


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Replacement air filter for the mod and mod+ air purifier. The filter consists of a mesh pre-filter, high efficiency filter media that is pleated and activated carbon filter layer.


Fits the mod air purifier with orange and mod+ air purifier with the gray handle.


mod HEPA air purifier  


Note: Dust can accumulate on the outer mesh screen of the filter. This can be cleaned by vacuuming or wiping with a cloth.

  • Filter Life: 12 months
  • Replacement high efficiency filter media plus activated carbon for the mod air purifier
  • Expected life is 12 months. Mesh pre-filter can be vacuumed.
  • Dimensions: 10"x10"x12"
  • Assembled in China
Replacement Filter for mod/mod+ Air Purifier
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Brands Using Oransi

Oransi air purifiers are used by some of the leading companies, medical centers, government organizations and universities. We are delighted to be able to provide clean air to so many quality organizations.

American red cross

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