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Best Air Purifiers to Use in Winter

While winter may not be thought of as an allergy season, it certainly creates challenges for homeowners who need clean, fresh air. The main culprits in winter tend to be allergic reactions from dust and pet dander. Indoor air pollution can be a serious problem, so make sure you have one of the best air purifiers to use in winter for your home.

Which one should you choose? Let’s take a closer look at our purifiers to find out.

But first, let’s see why winter is such a tough time for indoor air pollution.


The Challenges of Indoor Air in the Winter

Indoor air in the winter can be difficult to deal with. The biggest factor for indoor air quality in the winter months is the lack of circulation and air flow through the home because we close windows and the seal up the house to keep warm.

Indoor air in the winter means little circulation and less fresh air, which means there can be challenges when creating a plan for indoor air pollutants.

Winter generally has drier air in the home, which creates another set of air-quality challenges. You will want to ensure your relative humidity stays above 30%. If it falls lower then consider using a humidifier. Fortunately, there are some additional steps you take to get better air in the winter.

First, you need to limit the amount of indoor airborne particles, and for most this means reducing dust. In general, the majority dust is from outside sources like sand and dirt, so making sure people remove their boots before entering the home is essential. You should also place mats on the interior and exterior of entryways to reduce dust. Clean and rotate these mats regularly to reduce winter dust and allergens in the home.

However, when it’s cold outside you will get more of your dust from inside the home. The main sources will be dust that has accumulated in your air ducts that is then blown throughout your home when the heat is turned on. The air filters for your furnace system often only remove the largest of dust particles and not the tiny airborne dust that causes most allergic reactions.

Another source is dust mites. For this we suggest regular washing of sheets and pillow cases.

If you’re not sure whether you need an air purifier, you may want to conduct air quality testing.

Your best bet is to use an air purifier with a HEPA air filter during the winter. HEPA filters trap dust particles and create better breathing conditions inside. They can also be used to reduce airborne allergens, pet dander, pollen, and more, making them an effective tool during the winter.

Air purifiers are essential in the winter, so let’s look at five of the best options for your home. With one of these outstanding air purifiers from Oransi, you’ll have cleaner air through the cold winter season!


5 of the Best Air Purifiers to Use in Winter

Max HEPA air purifier indoors to remove dust in winter

Max HEPA Air Purifier

The Max HEPA air purifier is a great air purifier to use in winter because it has a powerful motor, highly efficient filtration, and can remove dust , smoke particles, and virtually any other airborne material that you might encounter. According to an independent study conducted by Clemson University, this air purifier was rated #1 for air purification, so you can count on it to deliver the clean air you and your family deserve. It is rated to remove 99% of all airborne allergens and particles, making it incredibly efficient and reliable.

It is also safe to use in your home. It was certified safe by the state of California, and meets ETL certifications. Not only is it effective, but this air purifier can be operated at a low cost because it uses less power during operation. With four fan speeds plus auto mode, this air purifier has all the technology you need for excellent filtration without the loud noise or high cost. You can control it with electronic controls, and it also has a dust sensor to ensure you are getting the most advanced filtration possible.

When you purchase the Max HEPA air purifier, you get more filter media, so your air filter will last longer and you won’t have to rush out to purchase a new filter after just a couple months. Add in the low cost to operate, and it’s easy to see why this purifier is so popular for use during the winter.

While we love the Max, if you have smoke smells to remove we suggest going with the EJ120 or ERIK650A as they are better at gas removal.

OV200 air cleaner in bedroom


This air purifier has a stylish design and a small profile, making it one of the best air purifiers for use during the winter. With this air purifier, you’ll have advanced filtration systems combined with high-tech electronics to create a convenient and reliable purifier. It’s lightweight and delivers outstanding filtration, so you’ll have everything you need from an air purifier to use in winter.

The OV200 air purifier is best for bedrooms and offices, and it can also be used in basements. It has a small profile, so it’s ideal for areas up to 400 square feet, which equals a room measuring 20 feet by 20 feet. Best of all, it can be used to remove dust, pollen, and mold, making it ideal for many different areas.

During the winter, you will have to use an air purifier continuously. Not only will this mean more filter replacements, it will also mean a potential increase in your overall utility bill. Fortunately, the OV200 gives you a great value. You’ll get big savings when you order two or more purifiers, and even a single OV200 comes at a great value.

It also has a low cost to operate, which means your utility bill won’t skyrocket. With low power usage, this is one of the top air purifiers for people who want to keep their winter bills under control. You can also set the purifier to auto mode, which uses a built-in dust sensor to measure air quality levels and adjust the fan as needed. This allows you to operate the fan at only the speed you require, further saving you money, as the fan won’t be running on high when you don’t need it to.

Finn UV-C air purifier in home bedroom

Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier

The Finn HEPA UV air cleaner is one of the best options for use in a bedroom during winter.

The Finn UV air cleaner uses a two-stage filtration system plus a UV-C lamp chamber. First, the air passes through a pre-filter, which allows the purifier to remove many of the larger airborne dust particles, such as large pieces of dust. Next, the air moves through a HEPA filter. This is where many of the most microscopic particles are taken out of the air. The Finn doesn’t stop there, however; the air then passes through a UV-C light chamber. In this little chamber, the air is hit with UV light, which helps destroy organic particles, such as mold spores. The final result is air that is clean and purified. In fact, this purifier is rated to remove over 98% of airborne particles.

The Finn doesn’t just give you excellent purification, it also gives you an outstanding value. It comes with two replacement filters for free, which are included in the box. The included V-HEPA filter will last for roughly 12 months and can be cleaned. With a ten-year warranty, you’ll also know you’re getting a purifier that will last, so you won’t have to rush out and purchase another unit for years to come.

mod HEPA Air Purifier (& mod jr.)

The mod HEPA air purifier is best for bedrooms and offices, and it can also be used for living rooms or even basements. It’s powerful enough to effectively clean an area measuring 1,250 square feet, and can remove dust, pollen, mold spores, smoke, and even bacteria from the air, making it one of the best air purifiers to use in winter. The mod jr. HEPA air purifier has the same features as the mod, but it covers a smaller square foot area at 878 square feet. 

These air purifiers have one filter that includes both activated carbon and real HEPA, which delivers advanced gas control, and with simple controls, the system is easy to use. You can choose different speed settings on the touch screen panel, allowing you to set the purifier to the exact level of air flow that you desire.

The filtration in this purifier is rated to a MERV 17 level. This means it filters out 99.6% of airborne particles that are 0.3 microns and larger. With an activated carbon filter and real HEPA filter combination with various fan speeds, it’s made to ensure you have the right performance for your home during the winter.



Get an Advanced, Reliable Air Purifier for Your Home

You deserve outstanding air purification in the winter, so contact Oransi and we’ll make sure you have the right unit to purify the air your home or office. With service, selection, and advanced technology in every purifier, we are your source for world-class air purifiers to use in winter or if the air quality index spikes!